Yes, Kate Middleton is a bargain hunter -- and you should be too

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Yes, Kate Middleton is a bargain hunter -- and you should be too
For their official engagement photos, Kate grabbed a white Reiss dress (which the designer revealed was a year old at that point) from her closet for the photos. 
Kate wore the white Reiss dress again while she and William visited Canada in 2011.
Kate looked radiant in this vibrant blue Reiss dress.
This Reiss Shola dress Kate wore when meeting the President and First Lady of the United States caused the Reiss website to crash, it was so popular.
For Christmas at Sandringham in 2010, Kate wore a military-green Angel coat by Reiss.
She re-wore the Angel coat in 2012, paired with a Reiss belt, when she and William met the England Football team.
Wearing a pretty white Reiss dress and beige fascinator, Kate attended Derby Day in 2011.

We all know that Kate Middleton happily recycles her designer clothes, and we now have even more confirmation that the Duchess loves a good discount. In and interview with the Daily Mail, author Mark Ellwood revealed why shoppers should never settle for full price -- something "thrifty Kate" likely agrees with. According to Ellwood, "There is no reason to pay full price ever and there is no reason to accept full price – and if you do, you're a fool."

While researching his book, Bargain Fever: How to Shop in a Discounted World, Ellwood visited Bicester Village, a premiere shopping outlet in Oxfordshire, and the Duchess of Cambridge's favorite bargain-hunting hotspot. When he walked into the Reiss shop, he asked the saleswoman why there seemed to be so many tourists in the store. "It's Kate Middleton," she told him. "You look up and there'll be Kate and her same two friends going through the 60 per cent off rack. You have no idea she's there and security must be outside, but she comes in all the time."

British Designers Collective Mens Launch At Bicester VillagePhoto: Bicester Village, via Getty Images

We love the idea of a Duchess who buys smartly, and that casual shoppers in the outlet might just run into the future Queen of England one afternoon. She's not the only well-known individual who appreciates a bargain, however, it's known that individuals like Blake Lively and Martha Stewart love a good sample sale, and Lady Gaga embraces the benefit of coupons.

So how can you live the discounted life, too? Ellwood says that in the last 10 years, sales of discounted items has jumped from 10-15% of retailer's stock up to 40-45%. The author gives lots of tips in the article, some of which we're committing to memory for good. For one -- he only visits Century 21 twice a year: in early February and early August, as that's when the designers are clearing out their stock and the store becomes, quite literally, a goldmine. He also speaks to befriending a salesperson at your favorite store, one that will take care of you and possibly let you know about a sale before the public knows. You know that feeling of buying online and kicking yourself for not searching for a coupon code first? Try putting your items into the cart and just waiting -- check back and you might just find that piece is now on sale. (Daily Mail)

Take a look through the gallery above -- more Reiss looks that Kate may have gotten on the 60% off rack at the outlet.
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