Kate Middleton and Prince William face off in yacht race

It's a royal boat race
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Kate Middleton and Prince William face off in yacht race

Kate and William arrive at the Whenuapai RNZAF base on April 11, 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand to meet military families, and then have a boat race!

Wearing: Zara blazer, Me+Em top, Stuart Weitzman wedges

These two love their blues! We're impressed by the seams on Kate's Zara blazer which, while unfortunately now sold out, retailed for $139.
Naturally, Kate carries a bouquet of flowers. (we're just dying to know what the royal women DO with all those flowers?)
A bit of a trend here, we think! Kate and William meet military families... and their adorable babies.
William greets a 17-day old little one, while another behind her just couldn't be bothered to stay awake! Sorry, Wills and Kate, nap time takes priority.
A young girl named Zoe tells Prince William how she broke her arm.
Both teams get ready to race yachts - William versus Kate.
Off they go! Kate rocking a pair of wayfarer Ray-Bans. (shop!)
Kate smiles as she gets ready to take William down.
William's team looks pretty confident, though...
Hair up. Hat on. She's got this, guys.

Aw, team William! It's okay. You win some you lose.. well, two!

Wills said of losing: "We were sabotaged!" 

Kate gestures to William, laughing as she beats him a second time.
Meanwhile on Team Kate... 
...celebrations all around!
The meeting of the rivals.
There, there.
So cute - all is well!

The last time William and Kate raced on the high seas (during their trip to Canada), William was victorious. But this time, the Duchess of Cambridge got her revenge!

During today's visit to Auckland harbour, they met military families and quite a few babies (it feels like a trend that may last all trip...). Prince William joked with one family that in the first few days of the tour, he and Kate have had "a fair few babies touted to us" as potential girlfriends for Prince George! Ha, parents already hoping their little one may be the next Queen.

Later in the day, however, the royal couple took off on a yacht race in which Team Kate won not once, but twice!

Both royals were dressed down for their active Day 5 of the tour, Kate wearing a Me+Em striped top (still in stock for about $100 -- quick!), a double-breasted $139 Zara blazer (sorry, sold out) and blue skinny jeans, which are likely J. Brand. She wore her favorite wedges, the sky-high Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon wedge, $395.

The wedges didn't make it onboard her yacht, though. She meant business, changing into boat shoes, putting her hair up and a baseball cap on. And she came out victorious! Little George would be proud. Click through the gallery above for the best photos of racing day.
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