Kate Hudson gives us the scoop on her beauty routine

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Kate Hudson gives us the scoop on her beauty routine
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Available January 2014

Between being a mom, an actress, and a brand ambassador for Almay, Kate Hudson doesn't have too much time for an elaborate beauty regimen, so what she does and what she uses has to count. We sat down with the star to discuss her daily routine -- from hair, to skin, to makeup and treatments. Read on for our interview!

"Well, in the morning I wash my face with water, and then put on a moisturizer. They vary -- some are thicker, and some are nice and light. I've got to be super careful because my skin gets stimulated easily. I can't use too much stuff. Then I do an eye cream, and I'll do a lip balm. For makeup, I use CC cream and extra concealer -- a little color on the eye depending on how much I slept! Then I do blush, bronzer, and a little mascara.

For night...one of my go-to products in life is the Almay makeup remover -- they're easy and great. I don't really moisturize (at night) -- I know that sounds crazy! When I'm working, I have a different face regimen because I'm wearing makeup a lot.

The best tip I've learned from a makeup artist is proably, 'Stop being so busy and go to bed!'

I like a facial. I don't do them as consistently as I wish I could. I go full-on. If I'm going to a spa, I don't want to be pampered. I want someone to scrub the sh*t out of my skin. No frills!

In the states, we have our drugstores and beauty supply stores. In London they have these pharmacies, and it's fun because it crosses every spectrum of price point. When I go to pharmacies in London, I always end up with new hair products.

My hair is kind of all over the place. I go to leave-in conditioners and argan oils. I've been working with David (my hair stylist) for so long and he knows my hair so well that I don't pay attention anymore! Thank God for professionals."

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