June and Casey talk superlatives and their most unusual hobbies

Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael are the impeccable combination of funny and sexy. Both have starred in hit shows: Casey who played Penny in ABC's 'Happy Endings' and June, who is set to appear in 'Anchorman II', all while staying remarkably fashionable on the red carpet.

June and Casey co-created the two-woman sketch comedy show, "Rode Hard and Put Away Wet" and now, they are on to their next big venture, starring in the movie "Ass Backwards" which follows two best friends (Kate and Chloe) who embark on a cross country trip back to their hometown to attempt to win a pageant that eluded them as children. StyleList asked June and Casey to answer a few questions about the other person and the results were well ... VERY AMUSING!

1) What was the first thing you thought when you met the June?
  • ​Casey replied: "I thought June was very nice and that she really liked this chicken wrap that the dorm at NYU served. She has since said she ate one a day for 3 plus years. She is also now a vegetarian. Are the two events connected?? Perhaps."
2) If you could cast the Casey in one show, what would it be?
  • June replied: "Dance Moms"
3) What would you choose for the other's high school superlative?
  • Casey replied: "Well I know June was Homecoming Queen or Winter Princess or some type of royalty in Long Island, so for superlative I would offer in addition to those accolades: Best Baby Blues or Best Legs"
  • June replied: "Most likely to buy their cemetery plot at the age of 25."
4) What is the most exciting thing you've done with Casey?
  • June replied: "When we peed on the side of the room."
5) If not acting, what profession would you choose for June?
  • Casey replied: "I think she would be an incredible newscaster, Diane Sawyer style. Or I think her secret dream is to own a small flower store or a cake shop and live as though she were in a Nora Ephron movie."
Casey and June continue to impress us with their friendship and unique comedy. Make sure you check out 'Ass Backwards' and get a sneak peak below!

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