Impulsive Shopper: 9 Cool Hair Accessories Under $20

Impulsive Shopper: 9 under $20
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Impulsive Shopper: 9 Cool Hair Accessories Under $20
California Select Tribal Wire Twist Scarf, $15; at American Apparel
Johnny Loves Rosie Star Charm Headband, $20; at ASOS
Jaguar Hair Pin Set, $2.80; at Forever 21
Rosebuds and Chains Headwrap, $5.99; at Charlotte Russe
Mia French Twister Hair Clip, $8; at Urban Outfitters
Ninotchka Clip, $6.95; at Anthropologie
Stretchy Floral Summer Turband, $14.50; at Etsy
Johnny Loves Rosie Vintage-Style Clips, $20 for 2; at ASOS
Leaf Headband, $12.60; at BCBG

One thing's for sure: Resisting the urge to shop once the weather warms up requires near-saintly levels of self control. Between transitioning your closet from winter to spring, and the crazy amounts of outdoor fetes to which you're sure to be headed, it's pretty impossible to avoid not buying new things. On a budget but still itching to hit "add to cart?" We've come up with a twofold solution: The chic-and economical-hair accessory.

You might think barrettes, hair pins, and headbands are best reserved for your 10-year-old cousin or music festival-loving Woodstock wannabes, but the truth is, the right hair accessory can actually make any outfit chicer (plus, so many of today's versions are delicate and gorgeously gilded, that they actually seem more like pieces of jewelry.)

Still not convinced? We suggest adding a jeweled headband, barrette, or silk scarf to a messy bun or ponytail for maximum-chic effect this season. In other words, when your hair isn't too perfect, the accessory will add a unique edge. And the best part just happens to be that these are all under $20, which-in our book-qualifies 'em as harmless impulse buys!

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