How to wear a fuzzy sweater two ways

Today I wanted to talk a little about styling a classic piece you should have in your winter wardrobe, the oversized fuzzy sweater. I'm wearing a green one from H&M and it is sooooooooo unbelievably cozy. I know I'll be wearing it a lot so it's important to mix it up!

Here are some ideas for different ways you can style your oversized sweaters this season:
  • When selecting your sweaters, if you're going for the "oversized" look, make sure they at least half-way if not all-the-way cover your bum! Then you have lots more options for styling, like adding leggings! (We don't wear leggings without covering our bums ladies... it's not a good look.) If you need to, size up! This sweater is a medium, although I normally wear a size small.
  • To dress up a sweater, add a heel. Since it's winter, a heeled boot or bootie is a great choice.
  • Adding the perfect floppy hat always dresses up a look! I wear this one all the time, and this is another great option.
  • A clutch is a great choice for dressing up your sweater. If your sweater is a solid color, spice up the look with a printed or textured clutch.
  • Flats are a great way to keep a look more casual, but still put together.
  • Flats and leggings tend to work really well together, they balance a look out. If you're wearing flats, try a great basic legging like these, or even a liquid legging like I wore to change up the textures a bit! (It adds interest.)
  • A statement necklace is perfect to add when you're dressing up or casual, they tend to work either way! Just make sure you choose something that won't snag your sweater...
  • When styling your sweater for a more casual look, now is the time to bring out your big handbag! A casual oversized sweater outfit is absolutely perfect for running errands on a brisk winter day or meeting friends for lunch, because it is so relaxed yet put together. Adding your big handbag makes the look practical, as well as chic!
I hope these tips help the next time you pull out that oversized sweater from your closet! They really are one of my favorite things to wear in the winter and styling them many different ways is practical as well as functional, you get more use out of them that way! (And you stay uber-warm. Bonus!)
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