How to get shiny hair overnight

How to get shiny hair overnight
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How to get shiny hair overnight

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If there's one surefire trick to fake healthy split-end free hair, it's with shine. But when hair is fried, brittle and dry from over styling and brutal weather conditions, a simple washout conditioner won't always do. Our secret-prepping the hair at night. Similar to how your skin renews itself best during deep sleep, the scalp does as well. Any product you add to the hair follicle will be more deeply absorbed. Whether you've got one minute or five, we've got simple DIYs for you to try tonight. Don't be afraid to hit snooze tomorrow.

Coconut Oil Mask
The Ingredients: Unlike other oils that just coat the hair, coconut oil has the ability to penetrate into the hair shaft and actually improve the strength of the hair. So not only does it add shine to hair, but it keeps it that way well after a shampoo or two.

The mask: Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so it's easier to use (and less messy) than other oils. Starting with dry hair, (if hair is wet it won't hold onto the hair follicle), coat the hair with the oil from root to tip. Use a comb to brush the product through evenly. Finish by securing with a clip or a braid if hair is below the shoulders. Cover your pillow case with a towel.

Morning maintenance: Shampoo the entire head to make sure all of the oil comes out. You may need a double shampoo, since coconut oil holds on strong. Because the oil also moisturizes, you can skip a conditioner and avoid weighing down the hair.

Avocado Mask
The Ingredients: Similar to how avocado moisturizes the face, it also hydrates hair. Add in egg yolks, which are full of protein, and you've got shiny, strong hair.

The mask: Blend 1 egg yolk and 1/2 avocado into a blender. Use your fingers to coat the hair from root to tip. Then twist your hair up into a tight bun and cover with a shower cap to protect the sheets.

Morning maintenance: Shampoo and condition. The avocado doesn't weigh hair down like an oil.

Beer Rinse
Why: Whether it's an ale or stout, beer adds B vitamins and natural proteins into the hair. These nutrients hold onto the hair shaft, strengthening the hair follicle and closing the cuticle (or outer layer of the hair). Hair is at its shiniest when the cuticle is closed.

The mask: Similar to the beer rinse, drench the hair with beer-our favorite is Guinness because of its thickness. Wrap your hair up into a tight bun and cover with a shower cap.

Morning maintenance: Shampoo and condition. Although the hair feels softer and shinier, it's also a little fluffy. A light conditioner will tame hair.

The lazy-girl's trick: Don't have time for a mask? Swap out your cotton pillow case for a satin one. This smooths the hair, adds shine and avoids static.

Not one to DIY? Skip the kitchen cocktails by lathering hair in the pre-made conditioners in the slideshow above.

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