​How to get gorgeous while you sleep

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​How to get gorgeous while you sleep
If a three-minute hair mask in the shower is good, an 8-hour mask in your bed is better. Smooth a dab of this deep conditioner over tattered, fried ends, then let it absorb for a few minutes—which it actually does, without leaving a gross, slimy residue that gets all over your sheets—then climb into bed. Vitamin C boosts shine while a blend of omega-3 fatty acids packs tons of moisture to help condition weak strands. Wash it out during your morning shower.
"Treatment oil" is another way of saying "the most luxurious lip balm maybe ever." Spiked with vitamins (B5 and E) and moisturizers (olive, hazelnut, jojoba, and kukui nut oils), it's a serious overachiever, and the gold applicator tip is superfun to use. You can swipe it on anytime, but we love using it overnight because the thick formula doesn't evaporate and disappear. It's so rich you'll still feel it on your lips when you wake up.
When you have a zit, or even the ominous early stages of one dot, a tiny bit of this lightweight acne treatment gel on the problem area and let it dry for a few minutes. Salicylic acid clears up blackheads and removes excess oil to prevent new blemishes from forming, while tea tree oil treats and calms the breakouts you already have. Plus, hyaluronic acid protects skin from drying out—because the only thing worse than a pimple is a pimple surrounded by inflamed, dried-out skin.
Sure, a sleeping mask might sound like an unnecessary extra step in your nightly routine, but hear us out: A few pumps of this thin, gel-like lotion smoothed over top of your serums, moisturizers, and anti-agers form a featherlight layer that helps seal everything in. And if that doesn't convince you, our tester found it so moisturizing—thanks to hyaluronic acid and fructan—that she skipped her usual nighttime lotion altogether.
A glycolic acid peel is "one of the most effective exfoliators because it penetrates deeply," says dermatologist Fredric Brandt. But it can also be slightly irritating, especially if you have sensitive skin. This gel formula uses propylene glycol and glycerin to moisturize and soothe skin, so you wake up with a dewier, glowier, more even complexion.
Wheat germ and barley may sound like the makings of a vegan diet, but when you add them to luxurious, citrusy-scented hand cream, they're pretty damn delicious. The velvety balm isn't as heavy as other intensive treatments, but that doesn't mean it's not a skin-softening superhero. After just one night of use, our tester's parched, sad-looking cuticles were noticeably less so, and all traces of dryness were gone.
You could spend your night dreaming of a sandy beach vacation, or you can just cover yourself in these face and body bronzers and wake up looking like you actually went on one (we recommend both). The silky aloe-and-hyaluronic-acid-spiked gel delivers a supersubtle golden tint that's incredibly natural, and though the formula contains DHA, the smell is still subtle. Plus, it soaks in quickly, so the only thing it tans is you—not your sheets.
Another sleep mask, this product is similar to the Dr. Jart+ one (and it's worth noting that both originated in Korea, where they apparently realized the amazingness of the sleep mask way before we did). But instead of using a water-based formula, it's made with bamboo sap, a moisturizer that's packed with amino acids, plus red ginseng (an antioxidant) and water lily extract (an astringent to keep pores clear). In other words, it covers a ton of the skin-care bases.
It does pretty much everything you'd want your eye cream to do: moisturizes, brightens undereye circles, de-puffs, and fights fine lines—all without a hint of irritation. It also contains lavender, the perfect soothing scent to fall asleep to.
This the peptide-based brow conditioner is a Best of Beauty winner for a reason: With regular nightly use, the sparse patches in your brows—and all evidence of the overtweezing we did in our teen years—seemed to almost disappear completely.
In addition to the usual moisturizers (glycerin, allantoin), this blue, floral-scented cream also contains urea, as well as orange and lemon fruit acids to help slough off dead skin cells. Massage a blob of it onto feet and put on a pair of socks before bed to get the full effect.
It takes only a teensy drop of this Best of Beauty-winning natural oil to deliver tons of hydration and a dewy glow to even the most irritated sensitive skin. If you have any especially dry areas, pat this oil on before bedtime, and they'll be far less obvious (if not completely gone) by morning.
This rich, paraben-free moisturizer is thick and coddling enough to tackle seriously parched skin without feeling greasy (it soaks in almost entirely in two minutes). Plus, the antioxidant-rich blueberries also make it a natural anti-ager.
Ragged, dry cuticles can ruin a perfectly good manicure (and they're even worse if you have no nail polish to distract from them). This combination cuticle remover/conditioner exfoliates with urea to get rid of rough patches while soothing them with shea butter and sunflower seed oil.
This sulfate-free deep conditioner moisturizes with a blend of argan, chamomile, gardenia, lotus, rose, and flaxseed oils. And though you can use it in the shower for a quick three-minute treatment, it's even more effective when you leave it on overnight. Just be careful not to use too much (a quarter-size blob if you have long, thick hair; a dime-size one if your hair is short) or you could wake up to a greasy pillowcase.

​Lazy girls, rejoice (from your couch-no need to get up). We've rounded up 16 products that do all the work while you sleep, so all you have to do is slather them on and wake up prettier.

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