How to dress your male fashionista

how to dress your male fashionista
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How to dress your male fashionista

As a female fashion blogger, I tend to focus on women's fashions. Obviously. ;) Yet, I think the men's fashion world is often neglected and glossed over and it should not be neglected.

When I first stumbled upon Haxby I realized this is the perfect preppy meets classic style that I like for men to wear. So many of the styles designed for men are classic and created with great quality and sustainability. Since men tend to shop less often than us trend-hungry women, their clothing is made to be much more durable. And sometimes I have been known to steal my guy's t-shirt or sweater to work into my own wardrobe. Why not? I'm sure Scott Disick (of Keeping Up With the Kardashians) and Olivia Palermo's new husband, Johannes Huebl, would be all over Haxby's items.

Easy, simple, stylish and modern pieces. A very elegant ensemble of outfits to select from. Women's fashion nods to men's easy attire at times. I can see why. It's just as beautiful. Whether worn front row at fashion week, a tennis match or the country club. Always choose classic when it comes to dressing up your look! You can't lose.

A new breed of luxury, Haxby was founded on the principle that skill, time, and dedication must never be compromised when mastering an art form. Our mission is to combine artistry with precision, historical craftsmanship with ingenuity, and timeless refinement with contemporary edge.

Check out the slideshow above to get some male fashion inspiration

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