How to curl your hair with a straightener

How to curl your hair with a straightener
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How to curl your hair with a straightener
Section hair with clips and curl pieces one inch at a time. 
Clamp an inch of hair in your straightener and gently pull down and away while twisting your wrists in a fluid full circle. 
Your hair will coil into perfect beachy waves!
It's ok to cheat... whip out your curling iron/wand to add a few more waves near your roots.
Run your fingers through the bottom of your curls to break them up.
Add a little sea salt spray to create texture and define your waves, making the perfect beachy look.
DS tip: Don't spray yourself in the eye with your salt spray.
Seriously, don't do it!

This long overdue tutorial is brought to you by my super short 'do that I'm still trying to figure out and my constant need for beachy waves.

It might be November but it's always a great time to perfect an easy new look. Let's get started, shall we?

What you'll need: The main difference between using a straightener for curls instead of a curling iron or wand? That unkempt look. It's the difference between this (straightener) and this (curling wand) or this (curling wand, day 2).

Click through above to see how it's done!

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