How to Mix Your Hairstyling Products

How to Mix Your Hairstyling Products
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How to Mix Your Hairstyling Products


Mix a heat protectant blow dry cream + argan oil

A heat protectant can prevent damage and make blow drying your hair a heck of a lot easier, but what most are missing is that glossy finish. That's why celebrity stylist Angelo David recommends adding in a bit of argan oil. He says this product pairing "makes your hair smoother and frizz-free while locking in shine." To apply, David suggests mixing a dime-size amount of both products together in your palms. Then run the hair cocktail through your damp hair and blow dry.

Try Redken Duo Shield 07 Color Protecting Gel Cream, $19, with Moroccan Hydrating Styling Cream, $32.


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Mix a detangler + a volumizing spray

Volumizing sprays are great, but you still want your hair to have movement with that height. That's why celebrity stylist Mitch Stone says you should add a detangler, which will bring out your natural texture without weighing down your hair. To apply, first spray your hair all over with the detangler. Next, apply the volumizing spray only to the roots of your hair. Finally, blow dry.

Try Bumble and Bumble Prep Spray, $21.99, with Phyto Volumizing Spray, $21.99.


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Mix a volumizing hairspray + a styling wax

Creating piece-y texture that lasts doesn't take hours of tweaking or a "Jersey Shore" amount of gel. Mika Fowler, hairstylist at the Gavert Atelier Salon in Beverly Hills, recommends a combo of volumizing hairspray and styling wax -- especially for girls with limp, fine hair, or those with frizzy hair.

Fowler says to work with 1-inch sections of damp hair. Spray the volumizing hairspray to the back of your hair, then blow dry. Dip your finger in the styling wax and apply to the ends of your hair and to any flyaways. If you want a firmer hold, apply the styling wax to wet hair before you blow dry.

Try Joico's Body Luxe Root Lift, $14.96, with Milbon Prejume Styling Wax, $46.


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Mix a leave-in conditioner + a styling wax

If you've got thick hair, creating beachy waves that don't look wildly poufy within two seconds of leaving your house can be quite a challenge. That's why Stone suggests skipping the sea-salt spray and instead opting for a leave-in-conditioner, which will help create that slightly curly texture, and a styling wax to keep the frizz at bay.

Blend together a dime-size amount of each product in your palms, Then run the combo through your hair. If you'd like a more textured look, Stone suggests using the leave-in conditioner first, then applying the wax to the ends of your hair.

Try Paul Mitchell Leave-In Conditioner, $25, with Mitch by Paul Mitchell Construction Paste, $14.


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Mix an anti-frizz shine serum + a leave-in conditioner

Don't you love how beautifully coiled and shiny your curls look right after you step out of the shower? Too bad sopping-wet hair isn't a realistic option. Luckily, you can recreate that fresh ringlet look when your hair is dry. According to Stone, pairing leave-in conditioner, which keeps curls hydrated, and anti-frizz shine serum, which tames flyaways and boosts gloss, will do the trick.

The secret is to start slow and gradually layer on the product as you go, making sure you get each curl. Stone says you can use one product at a time, or mix the two together. Both products should be applied throughout your damp hair, using your fingers.

Try Kerastase Nurtritive-Serum Oleo Relax, $39, with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Moisturizer, $17.81.


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Mix a dry shampoo + a volumizing hairspray

We all love using dry shampoo when we need to fake clean hair, but more often than not, that quick fix is gone within a few hours and that greasy, limp look reappears. David says the secret to making faux freshness last all day is pairing the dry shampoo with a volumizing hairspray. The dry shampoo will get rid of any oily build-up while the hairspray will add volume from roots to tips.

To begin, spray the dry shampoo at the roots. Don't be afraid to overuse the product; you want to spray a liberal amount of shampoo. Next, use a paddle brush to massage the dry shampoo into your scalp and distribute it through your hair. Finally, mist the volumizing hairspray at your roots for even more lift.

Try Redken Powder Refresh 01, $19.95, with Angelo David Premier Volume Spray, $18.50.


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We're always hoping the next hairstyling product we buy will be the miracle in a bottle we've been searching for. And when we plonk down our plastic, we're convinced that it'll finally make our flat, frizzy, or unruly hair look full, smooth, and fabulous.

Armed with this kind of hope, we buy the fancy mousse/anti-frizz cream/serum and, more often than not, it doesn't do the kind of miracle-work we were banking on. And here's why, say stylists: No matter what the label promises, no one hair product will make your hair dreams come true. The reason? Hairstyling products need to be paired together in order for you to get that straight-from-the-salon effect.

Ever notice how your stylist mixes different creams or serums in the palm of her hand before applying to your hair? She's not doing that willy-nilly. What she's doing is creating a custom concoction so that you walk out of the salon with perfect hair.

But before you get discouraged, wishing you'd paid better attention in chemistry class, keep reading. We talked to our go-to stylists about easy hairstyling product mixes (we're talking two products in each recipe max!) to help you pull off these hair cocktails. Now, get blending.

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