Holiday party hairstyles: The side ponytail

Holiday Hair: Side Ponytail
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Holiday party hairstyles: The side ponytail
Section off your hair and curl it. You want large curls, curl it more than you think because by the end of the hairstyle your curls will settle. I make sure my curls are huge because my curls fall flat very quickly.
While in the middle of curling get a rat tail comb and slightly tease your hair to give it volume and so it’s easier to manage. You want to tease near your roots not at the end.
Once you’ve finished curling and teasing bring all of your hair to your preferred side. I always do my side ponytails on the right side because that’s the direction my bangs go. Starting from the temple of the opposite side roll your hair into itself. Continue rolling all along the bottom of your hairline to create a sleek style. As you can see in step three there is no loose hair.
Grab all of your hair and tie it with a hair tie. Also, you need to add your hair embellishment at this point. I wore an embellished hair tie which is the easiest. I would recommend a hair tie because it really goes well with the side ponytail.
Add the finishing touches to your ponytail. Add more curls and tease it a little more to add more volume.
Finish it off with hairspray.

Styling your hair for the holidays is slightly different from your everyday styling. You might spend a little more time on it. You might add a little embellishment with a headband or a hair clip. Or you even might get it professionally styled at a hair salon. The holidays are about taking it up a notch with your outfits and your holiday hairstyles.

I've shared holiday party hairstyles with you over the past couple of days. First I showed you an easy triple flip holiday hair tutorial, next a stylish ponytail party hair tutorial. I also shared a hair tutorial on BonBonBreak, the rolled bun.

Each of these holiday party hairstyles are very different and would work for different holiday parties. For an office holiday party you could go with the rolled bun for a sophisticated look. For a family get together you could wear the triple flip for an easy celebration ready look.

Let your stylish imagination run wild this holiday! I hope you use these holiday party hairstyles for your inspiration.

You'll need:
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Curling Iron
  • Hair Tie
  • Pretty Hair Tie
  • Hairspray
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