'Hit the Floor' Star Charlotte Ross on Fashion, Trends, and Phonies

Charlotte Ross's Red Carpet Looks
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'Hit the Floor' Star Charlotte Ross on Fashion, Trends, and Phonies
Charlotte Ross attends P.S. ARTS Bag Lunch in a gorgeous striped babydoll dress with platform nude heels.
Charlotte Ross attends the 'Now You See Me' premiere in a gorgeous baby blue dress with a studded tan clutch and open-toed heels.
Charlotte Ross arrives to the 2013 Genesis Awards Benefit Gala in a figure flattering pink off-the-shoulder gown.
Charlotte Ross attends the QVC Red Carpet Style Event in a ruched red strapless dress. 
Charlotte Ross attends the CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute in a strapless black and gold baroque dress with no heel pumps.

It's hard to believe that actress Charlotte Ross is 45-year-old. With stunning skin, incredible blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes, Charlotte radiates beauty. The former star of 'NYPD Blue' and now the star of the hit VHI show, 'Hit The Floor,' (which was just renewed for a 2nd season) Charlotte continues to play strong, independent women, much like herself. StyleList sat down with Charlotte to talk style, TV, and what makes a fashion trend... trendy.

StyleList (SL): How has your style evolved?
Charlotte Ross (CR): My style has evolved over the years mainly because I believe trying to look decades younger than you are is tacky, classless and ironically aging. I may not dress in styles that are better suited for the late teen/young 20's crowd. That being said, I am a fitness fanatic and have a better body now than I did in my 20's so, I do like to wear form flattering styles. I seem to pull it off more when it's well made and well designed with quality materials. So, my style has evolved as I have evolved with age and, of course, emotionally.

I like to look and feel beautiful and confident but, without an air of "trying too hard." When someone seems like they are trying too hard, it's a turn off.

SL: What's the one trend you refuse to try?
CR: There is a fashion trend right now that simply put; I have no interest in following. It's the trend where you have an ENTIRELY sheer top with a bra underneath. Really? Is that something I would wear to an industry meeting, school fundraiser or even the red carpet event-[Laughs] No way... I like semi-sheer when worn in a less "in your face" way but, for me the look of sheer with the bra obviously showing is not a look I aspire to have... Women should be very careful when trying to pull off this look and remember to try it on in the sunlight to see how it really looks outside.

SL: How would you describe your character Olivia's style?
CR: I love my character Olivia's style. I haven't had a chance to play a well-to-do Los Angeles woman in a long time and it affords the chance to have fun and play with fashion. Olivia loves high fashion and always seeks to have the newest looks from each designer. She avoids the sales racks and has a personal relationship with the salespeople on Rodeo Drive so she can get the newest looks before they hit the stores. Olivia wants to look rich, successful, and powerful and I think her clothes reflect that. Wardrobe, in general, says a lot about someone's true personality and how they want to be perceived. I think, Olivia puts a lot of thought and importance into that.

SL: What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
CR: Stay humble, that which goes up, must come down and fame is fleeting, so take nothing for granted.

Click through the gallery to check out some of our favorite red carpet looks from Charlotte Ross! 'Hit the Floor' on VH1 airs on Monday's at 9/8C.

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