Hillary Scott's Favorite Style Moments

Hillary Scott's Style Moments
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Hillary Scott's Favorite Style Moments

I loved the casualness of my hair that night.  From the neck up, it was loose and just pretty, not trying too hard; it really let the dress be the statement.

I felt so glamorous that night. I really loved how Terri did everything; it totally had that old Hollywood feel…I really loved it!

For the AMA’s that year, we chose a dress with a great print.  We got to have a little extra fun with my hair and makeup because of the dress, so we decided to go with wild hair and a really punchy pink lip. 

This was the night that changed it all for us! My favorite part of my look that night was the bangs…I just loved those bangs. 

For this look, Terri did a really pretty eye, but we were careful not to make it too loud.  The top of that red dress was so dramatic that we wanted to be sure that nothing fought with it.

It is always SO hot for the CMT Music Awards each June, so that’s definitely something I always keep in mind.  Because of the heat, I really wanted to do something that kept the hair off my face, so we decided to put it half up which was definitely a new look for me!  I don’t think I had ever worn it half up before.

I loved everything about this look head to toe!

I loved being able to play with different pops of color with my makeup because this dress was so bright.  It’s always fun when you get to use something that’s not in your everyday palette!

It has been so fun to go back through these looks from the past few years. One of the things I always try to keep in mind is the overall vision so that my hair and makeup complement whatever outfit I choose. Terri is always great at making sure that my hair and makeup compliment my dress so that they don't distract from what I'm wearing or overpower it. We've had a chance to do so many looks – everything from old Hollywood to fun bangs, bright colors and wild curls!
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