Halloween inspired nail art

Halloween nails
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Halloween inspired nail art

Every nail is different and oh-so-cute.  The only one that might take a little time is the spider web, but hey! Nothing needs to be perfect.

Photo via Daily Something

Googly eyes for your nails! We love how subtle this mani is, yet it's perfect for Halloween.

Photo via Pinterest

Dracula, a mummy, blood, frankenstein... all the bases are covered!

Photo via Did My Nails

Simple and cute, this festive mani won't take long to do and will have all of your friends wanting the same!

Photo via Zechaudronmagik

Now that cat is for the steady-handed painter, but the jack o'lanterns earn character when they're a little imperfect!

Photo via So Nailicious 

Yum, candy corn. Just remember not to bite your nails -- the polish won't taste sugary!

Photo via Julep

Easy and super cute! Beetlejuice would be proud.

Photo via Pinterest

The black lines will hide any mishaps with color, and you can play around with the patterns all you'd like.

Photo via Lisa's Nails


One of our favorite ways to express our holiday spirit (whether it be Halloween, the 4th of July, Christmas...) is through our nails. It's one place you can decorate like crazy and take it right off the next day.

Above, we've scoured Pinterest for the best nail art inspiration for All Hallow's Eve, and whether you're looking to put in some serious painting time or would prefer a quick, cool mani, we've found one for you.

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