Hair color ideas inspired by your favorite celebrities

Hair color ideas inspired by your favorite celebrities
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Hair color ideas inspired by your favorite celebrities
Of all the celebrities who are bold enough to rock awe-inspiring coifs, Gwen Stefani tops our list. She has stuck to her bleach-blonde hair, a look that has since become part of her iconography.
Remember when Paltrow was a brunette? Probably not--it wasn't her best look. The GOOP founder is known for light blonde tresses, which she wears straight and parted down the middle. The look really emphasizes her girl-next-door persona.
Since her debut in the 1990s, Pink gradually stepped away from her full-on pink hairdo, leaving only a streak of the color. Her look is still rocker chic, but much more sophisticated.
Over the course of her career, Alba has remained a brunette (other than a brief stint as a blonde for the Fantastic Four films). In the past few years, she has added gold streaks to her coif, playing up her olive skin tone.

Natural readheads are lucky--there's not much that they need to do to play up their stunning tresses. But as Isla Fisher demonstrates, brown lowlights can make your fiery-red coif appear that much richer.

Kim Kardashian's hair has gone gradually ombré over the past few years. Love it or hate it, the look definitely has given Nori's mama more of a fashionable edge.
We like to think that Gisele Bundchen's hair is natural, as her blonde highlights look as if she just stayed in the sun for a few hours. But since she is the top-earning model in the world, we guess there just might be a stylist on stand-by.
Posh Spice has been blonde, raven-haired and even went orange-ish for a bit. We much prefer her natural dark brown color, which she has been sporting as of late. 
J-Hud’s pitch-black hair gives her caramel complexion a stunning glow.
Jennifer Aniston’s hair has received a lot of attention over the years. But even in her mid-40s, the Friends star looks every bit as youthful as she did 20 years age. Sign us up for some dark lowlights pronto!

Following hair color trends is great inspiration if you're looking to rejuvenate your look. Coloring your hair pink, adding streaks, or dip-dying your tresses for an ombré look are all surefire ways to boost your confidence, especially in the New Year. That said, it is always best to err on the side of caution because what may look good on some may not look on others. Skin tone and bone structure can make or break your dye job, so wanting the bleach-blonde look may not be for you, even if you idolize Gwen Stefani.

Our favorite celebs love to try out daring new hairstyles and many have found a look that suits them nicely, so much so that we couldn't imagine them with anything else. So when in doubt, look to your favorite style icon to decide whether changing your hair color is really right for you.

Click through the slideshow above to check out hair color inspired by celebrities.

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