Growing Out Your Hair? Hairstyles For When You're in Between Cuts

Growing Your Hair Out
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Growing Out Your Hair? Hairstyles For When You're in Between Cuts
When pixies grow out, like Hayden Panettiere’s, the in-between part of the process can look a little unruly… and shaggy. A great way to keep the style fresh is by slicking the hair back with a little bit of pomade.
Grown out bangs that won’t reach the ear can be a pain in the butt. Our favorite trick? Braiding them in place like Lauren Conrad’s. It’s cute and practical.
Growing out blunt bangs like Jessica Biel? Fake side-swept bangs by clipping just above the ear.
Think your short cut isn’t long enough for an updo? Says who? Create a style like Evan Rachel Wood’s by twisting and pinning, twisting and pinning.
Is your hair too short for a braid? It’s probably not too short for a mini bun like Emma Watson’s.
Straight hair exaggerates layers. Add natural-looking texture like Blake Lively’s beachy waves to blend in unwanted layers.
The hardest part about growing out a pixie is getting all of the hair even. Michelle Williams made the transition by growing out the front, but keeping the back short. This helps you avoid the dreaded mullet stage.
Hide split ends with fishtail braid like Jennifer Morrison’s. The messy texture makes flyaways look intentional.
Whether you're growing out a super short cut or just don't have the time for your next trim, these styles make in between hair look chic.

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