Giorgio Armani's Makeup Guru Tells Us How To Get The Perfect Red Lip

Giorgio Armani's Makeup Guru Tells Us How To Get The Perfect Red Lip
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Giorgio Armani's Makeup Guru Tells Us How To Get The Perfect Red Lip

Megan Fox: She’s the latest face of Armani. Tim uses 406 on her–a warm mauve red–with brown lip liner.

Photo Credit: Armani

Amber Heard: Her coloring is really icy, so true blue reds look terrific (Like 400)

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Amber Heard:

Kerry Washington: Berry reds, like 403, look good on her.

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A red lip is one of the most classic and visually stunning things you can do to your face (well, makeup-wise), and it's perfect for the holidays. But the perfect red is hard to get right–and apply. From the color getting all over everything (your teeth, your glass, whoever you're kissing) to choosing the right red for your coloring, it's just one big pain in the ass. After sticking firmly to neutrals and the occasional fuchsia for years, I've recently been experimenting with reds and decided that some professional help was required.

Enter Tim Quinn, who is Giorgio Armani Beauty's celeb makeup guru. He trained with Pat McGrath and has worked with the likes of Gwen Stefani (arguably the patron saint of red lipstick) and Victoria Beckham. His handiwork and words of wisdom have been featured in countless glossies, and I was lucky to snag him for a quick tutorial. Read on for advice on how to apply red lipstick, how to get it to stay on, and how to choose a flattering shade, just in time for all those holiday parties.

Tim's Red Lips Tips:

I like to apply lip liner all over–accent the outer edge well–and I prefer to use a nude pencil so as to not be too-too!!!

Apply lipstick using a lip brush for more control and precise application. A touch of gloss adds a special shine. I like to blend the gloss with the lipstick for a more sheer effect.

I also use concealer along the lip line as a cleanup and also as a way to highlight the lip. A touch at the cupids bow (the little indentation above your upper lip) adds extra dimension.

If you're anticipating having a beverage or two and want your lipstick to stay on: Skip the gloss, and use a long wearing color. Or, use a straw in your champagne like we do with the models backstage!

To help you narrow down your red color choices (because try swiping 15 red lipsticks on your hand–while they all look the same in the tube, there are many different shades of red), Tim gave us some examples of celebrities and the reds that look good on them. Do you have the same coloring as Megan Fox or Rihanna? Click through to see some examples of red in action. (Obviously we've used Armani reds here, but you can experiment with any brand.)

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