Get to know the woman behind the beautiful designs at Morgans Hotel Group

Verena Haller
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Get to know the woman behind the beautiful designs at Morgans Hotel Group
Verena shows off her amazing jewelry.
If you've ever walked into a Morgans Hotel, you can't help but stop and pick your jaw off the ground at the beautiful design and ambiance of their hotels. Morgans Hotel Group has been able to create awe-inspiring hotels and there is one woman in particular that has a lot do with making it all happen.

Verena Haller is the Senior Vice President of Design for Morgans Hotel Group and she happens to be trés chic. StyleList sat down with Verena at Morgans Hotel Group office in New York City to discuss her process for designing a hotel, her personal inspiration, and style.

StyleList: How does your personal style inspire your hotel designs?
Verena Haller: Well yes, it's really hard to take yourself out of the design, although I try to keep myself out of the design as much as possible. I try and find designers who are very unexpected. I love finding unknown designers, who we can help come out of their shell a little bit.

There is always a part of me in it. I'm very passionate. There is a touch of myself, of course. I'm more on the modern and simple side.

SL: How do you find your inspiration?
VH: I always try to get into the city and location of our newest hotel and get inspiration out of the location. Then, we determine what a Delano, Mondrian, or a Hudson would be for that location and we follow a few guidelines for each. We spend a lot of time with the team to create the design concept or design brief. I encourage them to go to restaurants, walk the streets, and bring back their inspirations.

SL: Do you have a favorite hotel?
VH: I do have a favorite, but it changes. I am incredibly excited for our London Mondrian to open (opening in 2014). If I could pick a city to have a hotel, I would love Moscow and the Bahamas, the Bahamas is barefoot chic.

SL: How has design changed in hotels?
VH: Boutique hotels have become the norm. So guests and clients expect more. It's challenging for us to create a unique space, but at the same time comfortable. It's about creating something that people don't really know why they feel so comfortable, but they do.

SL: How would you describe your personal style?
VH: That's actually a hard one. There is definitely an architectural component there. But I would say modern and simple, I love a muted palette and monotone colors.

Each hotel Verena designs with her team has a unique design worth seeing. To see more about the different hotels including the Mondrian, Hudson, and Delano, click here!
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