Make Your Shopping Cooler With The Cools

Have you heard of The Cools? Don't worry neither had we. But after a cozy dinner in New York's Lower East Side with The Cools team, we went from novice to instant fanatic. is like that friend we all have who always knows the most unique and special brands, and not only wears their clothes to death, but supports their businesses as well. Yes, that friend is very cool (we're convinced that where the site's name came from).

What was once a closed site, is an e-comm site focused on supporting independent brands. It's a social marketplace where you can discover and buy from independent brands and boutiques. If that doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside about shopping, then maybe their launch video with Dree Hemingway, Katie Gallagher, and Erin Fetherston will.

Get familiar with The Cools here:
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