For Baby or For Mom? Beauty Products We Steal From Our Kids

Stolen From Baby: Beauty Products Meant for Kids
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For Baby or For Mom? Beauty Products We Steal From Our Kids

This soap is meant for baby but will leave your skin soft and irresistible to the touch.

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The sunscreen towelettes have SPF 30, and make applying sunscreen to a wiggly baby a whole lot easier.  But they're great for you, too!

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Long regarded as one of the greatest secrets for keeping both baby and mom's skin super soft, this baby oil will change your routine for good.  Apply right after showering (and patting your skin dry) to lock in moisture, and never have dry skin again.

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This Baby Powder is talc-free and super mild, great for getting sand off baby when leaving the beach! But did you know it's also a quick fix for second-day hair, and keeps your feet fresh and sweat-free when you sprinkle some into your shoes?

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Have a tangle? No worries. This spray is a quick fix for kids (on wet or dry hair!) but works perfect for you, too.  Plus, it smells like pear, and is amazing.

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Okay, so these aren't literally stolen from kids, but they're inspired by them! The thought of moving from a gummy as a child to a chalky chewable as an adult is downright disturbing, and we were thanking our lucky stars when these came out.

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When Jessica Alba was our guest editor, she told us about how she uses this product in a ton of different ways: from diaper rash to dry skin, wrinkles, blemishes and more.

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Products made with babies in mind are some of the best on the market. So we say, why let little Janie or Johnny get all the good stuff? When you're buying a bottle of baby oil to keep your little one's skin soft and supple, grab an extra bottle for yourself.

Through the years, there have been many products that we've used for our children and later realized can benefit our beauty routines as well. Baby oil is a perfect example: we know many women who continued to keep a bottle in the house long after their kids were grown -- it's perfect for moisturizing after shaving, and some women use it to cleanse their face of makeup residue. Some newer products, such as the healing balm from The Honest Company, which former Guest Editor Jessica Alba told us is basically a miracle balm, fixes everything from diaper rash to dry cuticles and even blemishes.

So why fight with tangles when kids have quick-fix detanglers? Being older doesn't restrict you from using these great products -- in fact, when we're older and lucky enough to have a steady income (that whole being-an-adult-thing), we can afford to splurge a little on the best of the best for baby out there -- and sometimes, use it on ourselves.

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