Fitness guru Simone De La Rue shares her secrets to getting a dancer's body

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Fitness guru Simone De La Rue shares her secrets to getting a dancer's body
Either with a band (as shown) or with your own body weight, lift your leg level with your hips and then down to the floor. Be sure to keep control and squeeze your gluts as you lift.
The plank is one of the most difficult but effective exercises around. When mastered, you'll see incredible results. With your stomach pulled in tight, lift your body off the ground until your hips are parallel with your tricep. Hold this position for at least 20 seconds or until you lose your form.
To make the plank even more difficult, try lifting one of your legs while holding the plank position. Be sure to keep your stomach pulled in and your gluts engaged.
Whether with a resistance band or without, lift your arms from side to side making sure your shoulders are down. Not Simone's left arm as it comes down past her shoulder. She maintains her form and her arms are clearly both engaged.

While ballet continues to be her passion, Simone De La Rue has parlayed (pun intended) her active, athletic lifestyle into an incredible career motivating women to be their best-selves through dance. The fitness trainer to the stars has created a unique workout that fuses pilates, bar method, strength training, and cardio dance moves for women looking to lose weight, tone up, and change up their routine called BBS or Body by Simone. StyleList stopped by her NYC studio to learn more about this high-energy workout.

At first glance, Simone seems like a bubbly blonde with a body to die for, but once you dig a little deeper, her entrepreneurial skills and athleticism really shine. In November 2011, Simone started BBS in New York City and since then, it has become the favorite workout of stars like Anne Hathaway and Naomi Watts. Her workout focuses on the muscles most people don't care about saying, "I focus on one body part until it's completely exhausted. That's what causes the sexy definition and strength." The studio itself is very simple with a few bands hanging from the ceiling and the ever-so-present trampolines propped up against the walls. "Exercise used to be a chore to many people. For me (in my class), I'm just trying to find a way to make it fun. As much as it's about the body, it's also about the spirit."

With so much success and a cult like following, Simone is on to her next (2) big adventures: Opening a studio in LA and publishing her first book, Body By Simone: The 8-Week Total Body Makeover Plan which brings her class to you anywhere you go. "I have so many clients who ask how they can do BBS while traveling and I finally decided it was time to help them." The book, which features workouts, suggested meal plans and more, breaks down each week with a series of goals and challenges. "I think everyone operates better when they are reaching for something. That's why goals are so important in my book."

Looking for more from Simone? Click through the gallery above to see three simple moves Simone promises will help jumpstart your fitness!
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