Find The Perfect Mascara, Whatever Your Needs May Be

Find The Perfect Mascara, Whatever Your Needs May Be
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Find The Perfect Mascara, Whatever Your Needs May Be

Are They or Aren't They?

If you're looking for lashes that have people wondering if you're faking it, then Benefit's got just the mascara for you. They're Real! Mascara ($23) adds volume and length, plus the brush has a rounded tip for pulling all those baby lashes out of hiding.

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Pump Up the Volume

With a huge neon-green brush, NYC's Big Bold Mascara ($5 at drugstores) makes your lashes look a whole lot fuller. And there isn't a clump in site; the little teeth in the brush separate each individual lash, so every single strand is amplified.

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Ditch Your Eyelash Curler

Somehow Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex Mascara ($7) has figured out how to achieve a perfectly curved lash sans the curler. The flexible formula also means your lashes won't end up crunchy or stiff, even hours after drying.

Photo Credit: Ulta (Courtesy: BellaSugar)

From AM to PM

For a mascara that lasts all day without melting halfway down your face, look no further than Stila Stay All Day Volumizing Mascara ($22). The formula is sweatproof and waterproof, so you can coat your lashes in the morning and know they'll stay perfected into the night.

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Gimme Gimme

Tarte's Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara ($19) treats your lashes with nutrient-rich clay. This means you can improve your lash health over time while staying completely flake-proof.

Photo Credit: Ulta (Courtesy: BellaSugar)

Go Big or Go Home

This formula sticks to your lashes to give you a color that's blacker than black. Essence Get Big Lashes ($3) will give you enough volume to stand out at your next big appearance.

Photo Credit: Ulta (Courtesy: BellaSugar)

Jack of All Trades

Clinique's High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara ($20) is perfect for those who want it all: volume, length, and zero clumping. The superfine synthetic bristles allow for easy, clean application.

Photo Credit: Bergdorf Goodman (Courtesy: BellaSugar)


Not all mascaras are created equal. Some wands might lengthen but not plump, and some formulas might leave your lashes dried out. Whatever your mascara woes may be, finding a product that fits your needs can be tough.

To make life a little easier - and your lashes a lot more lush - we've rounded up the best mascaras for every issue imaginable. Click through to find one that will work for you.

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