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Fashion Love by The Tory Blog

Lisa Mayock is half of Vena Cava. Jeff Halmos is half of Shipley & Halmos. But they complete each other. Lisa shared their full story…. 

We have been together…

For three-and-a-half years, and married since June 2012.

Best date…

Our first date, which was on July 4th. We spent the whole day together wandering around an empty city, eating ice cream and cheeseburgers, riding bikes and watching fireworks from my roof.

Best gift…

Jeff gave me a book of photographs over the course of our relationship that’s my favorite possession. The cover is a cartoon pizza (it’s from a local pizza spot by our offices we both love) so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was really thoughtful and so well done. Anything handmade is the best!

The first time I saw him, I thought…

Well, I thought that he was a real looker. But we were friends for years before we started dating.

What we like to do together…

A lot of our activities revolve around food. We love driving somewhere remote for a food adventure, taking cooking classes together at ICE (we have an impressive collection of olive oil at this point) and, honestly, a lot of nights we just get takeout and hang.

What we don’t like to do together…

When it comes to music, we’re very different. Jeff can’t stand Yoko Ono and I can only handle so much arena rock.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lisa Mayock

Designers Christina and Swaim Hutson seemed to have solved work-life balance…they work together! Christina says:

We have been together…

We have been married almost seven years. We’ve been together…we’re both not exactly sure.

Best date…

I am not a fan of the date. I believe it is the eye contact and conversation that lets you know they are the one.

Best gift:

Is always the one the other has truly paid attention to, an addition to your irreplaceable collections, hidden letters you will always cherish. In my eyes, most material items are a purchase, not always a gift from the heart.

The first time I saw him…
I knew Swaim fell in love. Haha! He would probably reverse this statement.

What we like to do together…
Speak, have a conversation. Our daughter Lowe does not allow this.

What we don’t like to do together…
Television, sports, sports, sports — causes issues!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Christina Hutson

Philip Crangi and Darren Spaziani are the power couple of accessories design. They’re also hopelessly in love.

We have been together…

Both: Three-and-a-half years.

Best gift:

Darren: A gold railroad spike Philip forged himself.

Philip: Darren gave me a signed first edition of Christopher Isherwood’s Goodbye to Berlin for Christmas last year — it was the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me.

The first time I saw him, I thought…

Darren: “Trouble but I can handle him!”

Philip: “He’s trouble! And very cute….”

What we like to do together…

Darren: I enjoy having lazy weekends. We’ve created an oasis in our apartment where we can really close ourselves off from the world and just potter around.

Philip: I love traveling with Darren — we’ve both always liked to travel and I think we do it really well together, which is lucky.

What we don’t like to do together…

Darren: I don’t like to argue which is good because we rarely do.

Philip: I agree!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Philip Crangi

Teenage sweethearts Alison Edmond and John Pearson have staying power. And then some. Alison says:

We have been together for…

Thirty years this April since we started dating. We’ve been married 18.

Best date:

Our wedding.

Best gift:

Our three kids.

The first time I saw him, I thought…

We both knew that this was it from day one. We planned how many children we would have together on our first date!

What we like to do together… 

Live in L.A., visit New York, stay at home with the kids, hike in the hills off Mulholland, movie marathons, road trips around California.

What we don’t like to do together…

Argue — neither of us has any fire in our astrological charts apparently, so we’re no good at fighting. And taking pictures of each other! If I have to take Polaroids of John for a client we both hate it as we just can’t take it seriously and end up with terrible shots. And I hate having my photo taken by anybody.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Alison Edmond

Entrepreneurs Rachel and Neil find love in the big city.

We’ve been together…

Rachel: We’ve known each other 14 years, been together for nine and been married for four-and-a-half — we’ve seen each other through a lot of fashion missteps!

Neil: Not long enough.

Best date:

Rachel: Any moment when we can take a walk alone without our iPhones is cherished and worthy of date status.

Neil: We met for brunch at French Roast on 6th Avenue to recuperate after a late night. Brunch quickly turned into a full day date. It was a beautiful spring day, so we strolled through SoHo, continued downtown, and randomly jumped into a water taxi together.

The first time I saw him/her, I thought…

Rachel: “Who is this guy?” He was in a tight t-shirt and dark jeans — I grew up in a beach town on Cape Cod and only knew guys that wore cargo pants and Abercrombie jeans.

Neil: “Who’s this cute girl wearing a ski hat with a pom-pom?”

What we like to do together…

Rachel: Travel, ski, yoga and Soul Cycle, play with our son Griffin, Omakase dates, and watch episodes of Homeland and The Good Wife.

Neil: Ski, watch Real Housewives of New Jersey (don’t tell anybody) and go to Cape Cod.

What we don’t like to do together…

Rachel: Cook. We specialize in eating out and delivery.

Neil: Clothing shop for her. I’m not actually sure whether she also dislikes this. I think I would rather remain ignorant….

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tory Burch


In the spirit of love and fashion - Valentine's Day falls on the last day of Fashion Week - The Tory Blog highlighted several impossibly chic and impossibly in love duos. We asked couples from New York to Paris about their best date memories, what they love to do and what makes them tick.
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