Fall 2013's most wearable trends

Fall's most wearable trends
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Fall 2013's most wearable trends
“More is more” might be the color motto for the street-style set, but on the runway this season, head-to-toe winter white made one of the strongest impressions. Easy to assemble at any price and season-spanning, this addition to our wearable trends list was a no-brainer.
The beanie is one of those runway trends that can’t not catch on—it’s practical and affordable, not to mention pretty darn cute. One tip: Wear it on your way to the office or a cocktail party instead of just on the weekends. The contrast is part of what makes it look so chic. 

After a few seasons of digitized, over-the-top prints, designers were ready to go back to basics. Leopard, plaid, and pinstripes all made appearances on the runway, but houndstooth was the breakout star by far. Whatever your preference, when it comes to patterns this fall, ditch complicated in favor of classic. 

Following spring’s infatuation with the boot-sandal hybrid comes a good helping of tough over-the-knee boots that are undoubtedly more wearable. Want to test the trend before you buy? Plenty of designers, from Altuzarra to J Brand, showed leather leggings with ankle boots for a similar effect.

Despite its not-so-cool reputation, the plain ol’ turtleneck is infinitely wearable. Think about it: It keeps you toasty without adding bulk. For the ideal mix, wear a basic cotton style under a heavy-fabric coat with plenty of personality. Audrey Hepburn would approve. 

Pantone called it: Green is officially a thing for fall 2013. From emerald to army, there’s a shade for every skin tone, hair color, and personal style. 

The loud-pattern cropped pants we’ve been seeing so much of recently can officially take a rest. Autumn’s must-have trousers are looser and far more subdued. The new It cut is slightly narrow at the ankles and sits high on the waist. Pair with heels, an iPad-size handbag, and a no-fuss top and you’ll be the picture of 2013. 

Outerwear came in every shape, color, and volume imaginable this season, stealing the spotlight from fashion’s usual head-turner: high heels. The reasons to splurge on a great coat are the same as with shoes. Namely, it’ll instantly take your look to the next level and—hurrah!—you can wear it more than once a week. 

The New York collections put emphasis on comfortable fabrics and classic patterns, so folk-inspired pieces felt right at home. These hand-worked motifs were given a slightly urban spin when they were rendered on a black background. Use this as your styling guide when putting the look together on your own. 

Feminine and fashion-forward, rounded shoulders are a trend that works on a variety of levels. Beginners can go for a sporty drop-sleeve sweatshirt, intermediates could choose a cocoon coat, and advanced trendsetters might try a cocktail dress with statement sleeves. No matter what, it’s a chic trend to play with. 

Bold without being flamboyant, comfortable while still figure-flattering, the fall 2013 collections at New York Fashion Week were basically a buyer's dream. Here are 10 trends that have wear me now written all over 'em.

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Photo Credit: Carolina Herrera WWD/Robert Mitra; Donna Karan, WWD/Giovanni Giannoni; J.Crew, WWD/Steve Eichner
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