Fall 2013 wedding guide

Fall 2013 Wedding Guide
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Fall 2013 wedding guide
Ideally, you’d slip on the ring, hire a planner, work with an unlimited budget, and everyone would live happily ever after. Alas, no such luck. Here, blogger, stylist, and Once Wed creative director Joy Thigpen transforms even the most uninspired bride-to-be into a pro, making a storybook ending a given. 
Some of the more memorable weddings have been rather small. A limited guest count can be enabling when it comes to budget, but what’s more, it creates an intimacy that is easily lost in a larger crowd. 

Did you know there’s an easy and frugal DIY alternative for divine but budget-busting blind letterpress? Add a monogram to your invitation suite with a custom embosser for a mere $30.

Available at rapidsupplies.com

Book a venue that sets the tone all on its own. You will save so much time, effort, and money if all you have to add are finishing touches. 

If your wedding is outside, site the ceremony according to the sun. The most obvious place to have the ceremony might not be ideal. Visit the venue at the time of day — and year — that your wedding will be held, and build your ceremony around the most ethereal light offered. When in doubt, enlist the help of your photographer to determine the most appealing visual effect.

The idea that you need to wear more makeup for the camera is a myth. The camera sees what the eye sees. Wear a touch more makeup than you normally would — but just a touch. You should still look like you. (But do give contouring and highlighting a try. It’s magic!)

Despite the many amazing dresses out there, it can still prove difficult to find The One. Don’t settle! Pull elements of The Nine … Sort Of (love the neckline of this one, but the waist of that one, the back of that, the lace of this, etc.) and commission a dressmaker to piece together your fantasy, creating a unique-to-you gown that’s got it all. The cost can be comparable to something off the rack.

Dress by Cheryl Taylor Bridal & Joy Thigpen 

But not just any bow — the prettiest bow you ever did see. These silk ribbons are handmade in France and have the most subtle and sublime colors and movement. They can’t be beat for finishing bouquets.

Available atbitsandbobsshop.bigcartel.com, $10-$13 for three yards.

Sometimes the exact right cake topper will just wash ashore. If you keep your eyes peeled, Mother Earth will gift you with exquisite design elements

Oyster shells make an impressive garland; coral works for candleholders. 

A favorite tip for encouraging a groove fest is a playlist that progresses through the decades. Start with classics from the oldest generation and work up to the present. Grandpa won’t be able to resist the urge to dance to the songs of his youth, and as each generation tuckers out, younger guests will be feeling fortified by the time their anthems spin. 

Fill an expansive lawn with votives for a dramatic end to the evening.

Battery-operated votive candles atbedbathandbeyond.com, ten for $15.


Having a unique wedding experience doesn't have to equal you breaking the bank. As the air begins to crisp and the foliage begins to gleam with hues of red and orange we take a few tips from Once Wed's Joy Thigpen towards creating an ideal fall wedding with change to spare.

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