Fab or Flop: Rihanna's Sexy Sheer, Jennifer Lawrence Pants Disaster, Gaga's Shockingly Simple Dress, & More

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Fab or Flop: Rihanna's Sexy Sheer, Jennifer Lawrence Pants Disaster, Gaga's Shockingly Simple Dress, & More
Jennifer Lawrence poses at the Christian Dior Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 collection show wearing some of the strangest pants we've ever seen with one half looking like a dress and the other straight as a board.
Olivia Palermo stuns at the Christian Dior show not only with her clean and gorgeous outfit, but also with her sultry, smoky eyes that give her the ultimate look of seduction.
Ke$ha's never one to shy away from crazy fashion trends! Even though we're loving sheer this summer, the pop singer takes the style to the next (bad) level with a sheer top and super high see-through socks.
Taking a cue that summer simplicity is the best style, supermodel Miranda Kerr looks adorable in a cute flowery summer dress.
The Kardashian matriarch takes her classic black and white style over the top with a billowing black top and oversize gaudy jewelry.
Nobody knows how to turn up the heat like Rihanna. The pop star hits the stage in a sexy sheer number, revealing her high-waisted pants and studded bra. Risky? Of course. Does she pull the risque look off? Yes.
Even though he's being mobbed by fans, One Direction bandmate and heart-throb Harry Styles knows that a cute smile is the ultimate accessory.
Miranda Cosgrove's flowing beach-tastic hair is the envy of practically every summer lovin' girl.
There are lots of things going on in Cher's outfit: a red wig, fishnets, gold, layers, and countless other confusing wardrobe pieces. The legendary singer may be an amazing creative talent, but she shouldn't be let near her closet without a stylist.
Miley Cyrus' wardrobe has gotten quite eclectic as of late and although some call foul on the singer's new style, we're loving her gold statement jewelry that adds a pop of color to her black dress.
Although Lady Gaga's known for outlandish outfits, it's a relief to see the pop singer in a practically normal outfit. Post-surgery the star is looking great, even with a strange pair of sunglasses.
Naomi Campbell brings the heat during the Versace Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 collection show. Although the style is intended for later this year, we'd love to take the uber-fashionable look to the beach (in our dreams!).

With crazy summer heat comes the best and the worst celebrity style! Whether Jennifer Lawrence is making waves with her strange half dress/half pants look at the Dior Haute Couture show or Miranda Kerr is just looking adorable in a simple floral dress, celebs know how to make a statement with their style.

Rihanna's rocking an uber-sexy sheer top, while Ke$ha comes out as a total sheer flop as she goes over the top with the summer trend. Lady Gaga even re-emerged post-surgery looking completely different and dressing...normal?

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