Eva Mendes shares her best and worst red carpet looks

Eva Mendes Red Carpet Looks
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Eva Mendes shares her best and worst red carpet looks

"Oh boy! This was my first red carpet and premiere! Look how uncomfortable I look! I had no idea what I was getting into! Ha! I thought it was so strange that I had to stand there and pose. Honestly, I still kinda feel the same about it! By the way, that's a look I wore twice (the no shirt under blazer look) and I've officially put it to rest. No more of that for me."

"This was my first MTV Movie Awards. I didn't have a stylist back then. This dress is classic but there's nothing too exciting going on here. It's a safe choice. Being safe bums me out. I prefer to take a fashion risk and not look as good than to be safe and look good. Also, this dress is too tight. There's too much on display."

"Nooooo!! Just a big, fat no! I was on a photo shoot that day wearing extensions, which I never wear on the red carpet, and I didn't have time to remove...ok I'll shut up with my excuses. 

This look is just wrong! Ok there I admitted it. Just wrong. "

"I love this dress!! It cost me ten dollars at a thrift shop in LA. The woman who sold it to me told me that it belonged to Lana Turner. Well there's no proof of that but I choose to believe it! I still have it. I feel so good in a demure dress. Every time I've worn something that's really body conscious, I've regretted it. A little body conscious can be beautiful, but if its too much, I don't like it. Demure is where it's at!"

"I love this Lanvin dress. I feel like it has a little Morticia Addams vibe. It's the perfect combo platter of being fitted but still elegant. It's very suggestive but it doesn't cross the line. That Alber Elbaz can certainly make a dress! "

"Oh my goodness! I did my own hair and make up for this. My friend and stylist at the time was Estée Stanley. She's the best. She told me that makeup artist didn't know how to do my face properly because of my extreme features. She was right. I've always had a tough time finding the right makeup artist. So for this event, I did my own. I remember not liking the result and I never attempted that again. But looking back now it doesn't look too bad! The killer gold Gucci dress definitely helps! "

"This was my first Met Ball! I had no stylist then. Can you tell?! I actually really like the unpolished look of this. It's kinda messy and I love that. The thing that makes me sad about this picture is the fur wrap. I haven't worn fur in years. And I never plan to wear it again."

"What a beautifully made dress. This is typical Mugler. The detail is so otherworldly but also classic. How does he do that?! The ONLY problem I had with this dress was that when I moved, my breast was exposed a bit. Ladies, I can't stress the importance of double stick tape! "

"I love an animal print but what a boring look here! I could've made some attempt at making this look a little more fun. Different shoes and a bunch of fun jewelry could make it more alive. Not a disastrous look but certainly not a great one. Just kinda blah."

"I love the architecture of this dress!  This color is insanely beautiful! The structure is so compelling. I rarely love a look from head to toe but I have to say that this is one of those times. Why don't I own this dress?! I remember right before I walked onto the carpet I had a dance party in my car. My makeup artist, the incredible Genevieve Herr, was freaking out because I was sweating my makeup off.  But looking at it now, I don't mind the shine!"

"I think I liked the 1950's cut of this dress and the fact that it had an edge to it. But I didn't pull this look off! And that hair! I have to admit that the hairdo was my idea. Eeek! None of this works. And my expression certainly isn't helping "sell" it in any way!"

"Mamma mia! I was in Moscow doing press for a film and I busted the zipper on the dress I was supposed to wear originally. This was a "back up" dress that I had to resort to. This look is way too much information! When it comes to my work, I’m not shy by any means. But when it comes to just being myself I don't like to show this much!

Wow, I really put it out there that day! "

"This was taken in Madrid in the morning and it was freezing!

Still, the cold weather wasn’t enough to make me not love this Prada number. This risky pattern is the best! I'm a sucker for a great pattern. The beauty of a dress like this is that you don't have to worry about embellishing it in any way. Just keep hair and makeup simple and the dress will do all the work for you."

"I wore this to last year's Met Ball. I attended with Mrs. Prada who was also the host that evening. I love that woman! This dress had so many elements I loved the peplum, the bejeweled top, and the color. There was actually a turban that I had them make to match. I really wanted it to work, but at the last minute, we all decided against it. It would've been too much. I think it was a good call!"


Eva Mendes has appeared on countless red carpets for movie premieres, award shows, events, and more. Every moment on the red carpet is captured by hundreds of 'photogs' trying to get the perfect shot. For Eva, this means a few red carpet looks she would like to take back and a few she hopes to repeat again.

We asked Eva to share her favorite looks from the red carpet and a few of her least. Early in Eva's career, she styled her own looks without any help! She did her own hair, makeup, and picked every detail of her outfit. Looking back now, Eva talks about wishing she had a stylist to help her through the process, but will never forget some of the most special (and not always stylish) dresses she wore early in her career.

Click through the gallery above to see Eva's favorite and least favorite red carpet moments.
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