Eva Mendes on her new NY & Co. line and her fashion take backs

Eva Mendes NY&Co
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Eva Mendes on her new NY & Co. line and her fashion take backs
Guest Editor Eva Mendes' is a busy woman! Between filming new movies around the world to her newest project, designing a fashion line for NY & Co, Eva is wasting no time exploring new opportunities.

StyleList sat down with Eva to discuss her new clothing line for NY & Co and why she's wishes she could have a few fashion "take-backs."

StyleList (SL): What was your inspiration for the collection?
Eva Mendes (EM): "I discover my favorite finds at thrift stores. I love a bargain and it's great that most of the thrift stores are run by charities, but most of all, I love clothes that are feminine and fit well. Sometimes it's a challenge to find something inexpensive that really flatters a woman's body. So often when I'm out and about wearing my $8 thrift shop dress, girls will ask me where I got it. I always feel bad saying it's vintage because that's not much help! That really inspired me to create my own line of beautiful, feminine clothes with a hint of the past. I wanted to make clothes that I love, so everything in the collection is inspired by favorite pieces from my own closet."

SL: What kind of woman are you designing for?
EM: "I'm designing for the modern woman who wears many hats. Fortunately, women aren't just one thing anymore. We all play many roles in our lives. This line can be for the mom on the go or for the corporate woman and everyone in between."

SL: Who is your style icon?
EM: "I get my style inspiration from my mom, my sisters and my girlfriends. I also find inspiration from New York women. I love sitting at a coffee shop and admiring the stylish women of the city walk by as I take mental notes."

SL: What's your favorite piece of the collection?
EM: "I absolutely love the Allegra coat! There are two, one is soft pink and the other is camel. I wear them all the time. They work with anything!! It can dress you up or down. You control the vibe. This coat is a Fall staple. I'm just ape about it!"

SL: What's the one color you won't wear?
EM: "I don't think any color is off limits. I love color. It can all work in the right context."

SL: What's the best style advice anyone has ever given you?
EM: "The best style advice I've ever gotten is that you're not fully dressed until you're wearing your signature scent (mine is Thierry Mugler's Angel). Oh yeah, there's one more. Before you walk out of the house, look in the mirror and instead of taking something off, add something on."

SL: If there is one fashion moment you could take back what would it be?
EM: "I have so many take back fashion looks! So let's go with the one I had this year. I wore a beautiful pastel lace Valentino dress to a Vogue Eyewear party. And I love the dress, but I feel like it was a bit young for me. I looked like I showed up to my sweet 16 party 20 years too late! My shoes were actually maroon which I loved because it was supposed to be a juxtaposition to the sweetness of the dress, but they photographed black adding to the mess of look. Definitely not my best red carpet moment!"

Check out the rest of Eva's collection above and a few snapshots from her premiere event in New York City yesterday.

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