Eva Mendes' favorite places to travel

5 favorite places to travel
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Eva Mendes' favorite places to travel
"It's so beautiful! And what a fun city. Visually I was so stimulated. I came back with so many design ideas for my home. One of my favorite places in the world to visit is the cistern in Instanbul. The huge stone sculpture of Medusa's head is there. What a sight! I was immediately transported back in time. I felt such a connection to that place and I've been scheming to return ever since."
"Stunningly beautiful! What a dream of a place. Being by the coast surrounded by little fishing villages is the way to live! I'm a pescetarian so the cuisine there is ideal for me. Fresh fish everyday! And the people are so warm that strangers immediately feel like family. The architecture is to die for. Beautiful homes built into sea side cliffs in my favorite color palette of pale blues and pale pinks. Beautiful stone work all around. Ornate decorative tile work. I love the Amalfi Coast so much that it wouldn't be a surprise if I ended up there at some point..."

"The name alone piqued my interest. On the way there, you can stop off at these ghost towns that transport you back to the Wild West making you feel like you’re in a Sergio Leone film. Once you get to Death Valley, it feels like another planet! Mountains are pink and blue and yellow. Salts flats go on and on. Badwater Basin (don't you love that name!) is the lowest point in North America! Its 282 feet below sea level! Death Valley has a spooky, otherworldly feel that makes it so unique. 

There's no other place like it."

"Pick one, any one will do. Thailand's beaches are sublime.  And the people are as warm as the water. I don't think I've ever felt as relaxed as when I was in Hua Hin drinking coconut juice straight from a coconut and eating a fresh papaya salad. Riding my bike through the beautiful beach villages and feeding stray dogs along the way was another highlight. Once these precious little dogs found out where we were staying, they'd wait outside our door to be spoiled. And that they were! I met the sweetest people there that I still keep in touch with and long to see. It's a Buddhist country where people are kind and accepting. I can't wait to go back!"

"Sierra Leone is one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

This land is no stranger to war and tragedy. But the people and their land is heartbreakingly beautiful. 

The women here are the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. Dressed up on their colorful skirts and head wraps that they make themselves, they're beauty is overwhelming. 

This country has it all. It has a tropical climate so you immediately feel at ease. With beaches, mountains, rain forests and savannah they have a very diverse environment. This is a beautiful country and culture that has made a huge impact in my life. "


Guest Editor Eva Mendes has traveled the world. She's filmed countless movies abroad, vacationed in some of the most beautiful places EVER, and was recently spotted in Iceland!

For Eva, traveling is often for work and pleasure, but there are a few destinations that hold a special place in her heart and one is even in her back yard. From the sandy beaches in Thailand to the gorgeous rolling hills of Death Valley, California, Eva's favorite places to travel are as unique as she is.

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