Eva Mendes' closet essentials

Closet essentials: Eva Mendes
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Eva Mendes' closet essentials

"The black lace ones are my favorite."

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"I designed it myself. I basically made it look like the red dress from Pretty Woman. The only thing I did differently was make it into a mini. It was so short. It still makes me smile. The girls pictured below are my best friends still to this day! Back then we were down as DESK… Debbie, Eva, Shawn and Kharla."

"I also love my camel coat as well. Those are my two fall favorites!"

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"A black Isabelle Marant dress that I can dress up or down. I could literally wear it everyday and no one would know. It's so versatile. Accessories can make it look like a different dress every time I wear it."

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"My jean shorts from high school, which I wore in the film The Place Beyond the Pines. 

I don't always fit into them but when I do, I live in them. 

The cut isn't great. They're actually extremely ill fitting, but I love them! They're so comforting. They're great with boots, tights and a chunky sweater. "

"I love my burgundy Prada ankle boots with a killer heel. They're like ten years old but they're still my favorite. I've yet to find another pair that rivals them."

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"My grandmother's 1940's sequined shoulder cape from Cuba. I'm still waiting for the perfect event to wear it to. It's my prized possession."

"I have so many, it really might be a problem. Floral prints are my weakness! I’ve had this one purple floral dress from Dolce and Gabanna that for years. It's the best!  I will never give it up."
"I have quite the vintage collection!"

Guest Editor Eva Mendes' closet may surprise you. Not only does she still own and keep her red prom dressed tucked away in her closet, but the jean shorts she wore in high school (and then worn in her movie 'Beyond the Pines') also have a proper home.

Eva's closet is a mixture of old staples and new favorites. From her can't live without floral dresses, particularly her favorite Dolce and Gabbana dress she's been seen wearing everywhere, to her can't live without vintage turban collection, Eva's closet is a walk down memory (fashion) lane.

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