Eat your way to a bikini body

Eat Your Way to a Bikini Body
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Eat your way to a bikini body

Combat Zone

Sardines help combat cellulite thanks to their Omega-3 fatty acids. Those healthy fats found in sardines combat a cellulite-causing culprit: Omega-6 fatty acids found in carbs.  Adding sardines to salads makes them easy to swallow. 

The Sweet Side of Life

There's a lot of buzz about how we're not consuming enough zinc and lucky for us, dark chocolate is loaded with it. According to Cosmopolitan, zinc helps regulate energy, fat storage and appetite, which means indulging in dark chocolate is actually good for your health and may help reduce your waistline just in time for summer. 

Baby, Like it Raw

For beach-ready hair, indulge in some oysters. Rich in zinc, the favorite summertime dish can help fight hair loss, keeping your main thick and beautiful.  

Eating SPF

Consuming tomatoes on a regular basis may improve your skin's natural defenses against sun damage. Tomatoes are high in lycopene, which has been tied to long-term protection against sun damage, according to Women's Health Magazine. Grill them, make a sauce or enjoy them in drinks -- you can't lose! 

Cellulite Fighter

Fight cellulite with some help from flax seed. Known to help support collagen, flax seed contributes to improving skin's appearance. 

Natural Sunscreen

To protect your skin from sun damage, pile on the broccoli. This powerhouse veggie is packed with vitamin e, which helps protect skin from UV damage. 

Crazy for Nuts

Nuts are another must-have for beautiful beach skin. High in vitamin-E, zinc and selenium, they have been linked to fighting infection and supporting collagen. Have a handful for a snack and say goodbye to acne. 

Eating for Speed

Protein is essential to a healthy metabolism. By consuming muscle-building proteins, you're helping kick-start your metabolism by increasing muscle mass. Luckily, some of our favorite foods are rich in proteins. Add avocados to your meals and you're helping pave the way to a bikini-ready body. 

Color Block

Flaw-covering makeup isn't really an option on the beach. Getting your skin up to par is easy and delicious when you consume dark colored berries. Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are high in antioxidants which help clear skin of impurities. 

Drink Up

Everyone knows drinking water is important for health but your beauty can also get a boost from chugging another glass. Drinking water helps reduce stomach bloat and keep digestion on track.  


With Memorial Day on Monday, bikini season is officially here, but the big reveal doesn't have to send you into a panic. It's easy to look fabulous on the beach if you know what to eat.

Check out the slideshow above for delicious foods that will help protect your skin from the sun, reduce the appearance of cellulite and keep your hair shiny. Turns out you are what you eat!
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