Easy DIY circle skirt tutorial

Merrick's Art circle skirt
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Easy DIY circle skirt tutorial
Photo credit: Merrick's Art
Photo credit: Merrick's Art
Photo credit: Merrick's Art
Photo credit: Merrick's Art
Photo credit: Merrick's Art
I go through a lot of color combination obsessions, but right now hot coral/red and radiant orchid is my absolute favorite. It's a shame I only own one piece in each color, so this is the only outfit I can create. As soon as I decided to use this polyester suiting fabric to make a circle skirt, I knew I had to pair it with this bright top, and it has quickly become one of my favorite outfits to date. Since the color blocking is so bold and loud, I stuck with super minimal jewelry and nude heels so the outfit could do all the talking, so the two bright colors (although still super bold) work together.

This skirt is one of the easiest pieces I've made. It does require a zipper, but besides that it comes together so quickly and looks so professional. Look below for a super easy tutorial!


similar top
handmade skirt
LC lauren conrad heels
similar necklace
similar sunglasses

2 yards fabric (mine is a polyester suiting fabric which has a fantastic drape)
matching thread
12-14" zipper

How to make a circle skirt

1 // fold your fabric in half, and along the folded edge, cut a large half-donut shape, as shown. Measure the inner half circle (waist) by finding your waist radius using the following equation:

waist measurement / 3.14 / 2 = radius

make a point in the very center of the inner circle (which will be right on the folded edge since your fabric is folded in half), and measure the radius distance in every direction from this point to form a perfect half circle. Next, determine how long you want the skirt, and repeat for the outer half circle.

Finally, cut two (2) waistband pieces on the bias (diagonally, so you get a bit of stretch). These pieces should be half of your natural waist measurement, plus an extra inch for your seam allowance.

2 // With right sides together, sew your two waistband pieces together on either end to form a circle.

3 // Fold the waistband in half so it's doubled up, as shown.

4 // With right sides together, attach your waistband to your skirt. Make sure all the raw edges are all matched up.

5 // Cut the back of the skirt open and insert a zipper. You can cut the whole skirt open, or just enough to insert the zipper.

6 // Hem the skirt to your desired length and you're done!
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