Dolce and Gabbana go for the gold at Milan Fashion Week

Dolce and Gabbana MFW Spring 2014
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Dolce and Gabbana go for the gold at Milan Fashion Week

For a label that claims to be in danger of shuttering due to charges of tax evasion, Dolce & Gabbana sure put on a grand, dazzling, over the top show today.

It was a decadent visual feast of prints, three-dimensional appliqués, polka dots, lace, and glimmering gold that drew on Sicilian culture (again).

The designers were inspired this time by ancient Sicilian temples, including the region's coins and decorations–all of which featured into the collection, sometimes more literally than others. Feminine dresses were printed with lithography of temple ruins and Sicilian ceramics, or adorned with three-dimensional almond tree flowers inspired by the Sicilian scenery. Models also wore subtle flower wreaths in their hair. Large coins (perhaps a reference to the designers' money troubles?) featured on belt buckles, shoe buckles, earrings, necklaces and handbags. The gold served to keep things luxurious and flashy, but still tasteful, as did the sporadic use of fur.

There were plenty of classic Dolce & Gabbana tropes like lots of black lace, romantic red, and big earrings, which are sure to be a hit (as always) in stores. They also mixed in black and white polka dots, a pattern which is fast becoming one of the biggest trends for spring.

The label's runway finale always makes for a stunning photo-op. This season, models stormed the runway dripping in head-to-toe gold, which had a pretty powerful effect. It was heartening to see the designers stick to their signature showmanship at such troubling times–they may be facing a jail sentence, but they certainly haven't given up. It's that kind of resilience and obvious passion for what they do that make their shows so spectacular to behold–and that'll ensure the label's survival and success for years to come, jail time or no.

Click through the gallery above to check out our favorite looks from the runway show!

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