DIY: Two-Tone Sunglasses

Pretty Savvy Two-Tone Sunglasses
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DIY: Two-Tone Sunglasses
Don’t break the bank when selecting sunglasses. Just grab an inexpensive pair of plastic frame glasses with enough surface area to paint over.

Next, you’ll need two shades of nail polish in some fun and complementary colors that really pop. You’ll also need nail polish remover, cotton swabs and a roll of paper tape.

Rip off a piece of paper tape and place it straight across the front of your glasses. This will help you create a precise and level line to separate the two tones of nail polish.

Using long, clean strokes, apply the first shade of polish to the front of the rims above your tape. And don’t stress about making a mess. If you get polish on the lenses, just dip your cotton swab in nail polish remover and wipe off any mistakes.

Allow the polish to dry completely before removing the tape and adding the second tone to your glasses. If you’re not confident painting freehand, cover your first shade with tape to ensure you keep a clean line.

Apply a second coat of each color if you’re not getting an even look with your polish. But make sure that the first coat has completely dried or else the polish will become clumpy.  And if you want an extra glossy look, add a final coat of a clear polish.

Now for only a few minutes and a few dollars you are ready to go find some sunshine and show off your new shades.

Two-tone sunglasses are making a huge come back this summer, and in under an hour, you can DIY this classic look.

Click through the gallery above for a full step-by-step guide to make these two-tone sunglasses.

Two-Tone Sunglasses Polished Pretty

Two-Tone Sunglasses Polished Pretty
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