DIY: Easy and interchangeable tassel necklace

DIY interchangable necklace
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DIY: Easy and interchangeable tassel necklace
  • Embroidery Thread (large pack with a ton of different colors purchased for $5 at Jo-Ann's)
  • Wooden Beads 
  • Mini Lobster Clasps (purchase in the jewelry section of any craft store)
  • Wooden Bead Necklace (you can make your own wooden bead necklace if you want, but I bought this at Jo-Ann's for $2 in the jewelry section)
  • Scissors
Step 1. Use your embroidery thread to create small tassels about 2 1/2 to 3 inches long. (tassel instructions here). Make sure you leave two strings at the top of the tassel for hanging. 

Step 2. Thread both hanging strings through a wooden bead (any size).
Step 3. Now separate the two hanging strings and thread one string through the lobster clasp.
Step 4. Take both strings and tie them together in a double knot, making the knot as low into the bead as you can so it's semi-hidden.
Step 5. Clip your hanging strings.
Step 6. Use the lobster clasp to clip the tassel to the necklace. (You'll have to spread the beads apart slightly to access the necklace string).
Now repeat to make as many tassels as you want, and then interchange the colors depending on your outfit!

Next week Philip and I are jet setting off on a tropical vacation. I've been sewing like a mad woman, making a few new pieces to wear while we're there, but in the midst of all my sewing I realized I didn't have any good jewelry for the trip. I have tons of jewelry, but I wanted something more appropriate for the laid-back, beachy feel of the vacation.

Then I saw Julia, of Gal Meets Glam, wearing some pretty tassel necklaces on her recent beach vacations and fell in love with them. The only problems were that I didn't know where she purchased them, and I wanted them in every color. So of course I just DIY'd them. Then I had the idea to make them interchangeable, and with the help of a little lobster clasp I now had one in every color without having to make eight different necklaces. I absolutely love how these turned out and can't wait to wear them next week!

Click through for the super easy instructions!

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