Dianna Agron on sharing clothes with Lea Michele

Dianna Agron
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Dianna Agron on sharing clothes with Lea Michele
Wearing a Osman white crop top and skirt, with Louboutin heels and Fred Leighton jewelry.
Dianna is seen wearing purple eyeshadow and a neutral lip.
Dianna wearing Fred Leighton jewelry.
Dianna wearing Fred Leighton jewelry.
Dianna in Louboutin heels.
Dianna and Michelle are all smiles.
Dianna Agron continues to make a splash on the big screen starring in her newest film, "The Family," alongside Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Tommy Lee Jones. Her character, Bella Blake, is a 'wholesome' good girl on the outside, but shows her tough 'mob-side' in the film. We sat down with Dianna to hear more about her character and discovered a few things we didn't know about the 'Glee' star.

When asked what it was like to film with two powerhouse actors (De Niro and Pfieffer) Dianna revealed she's a BIG fan. "I've seen almost everything the two of them have done, so to be able to work alongside them was an absolute dream." However her getting into character posed a few challenges. "I really wanted to understand Bella and it took me a while to understand who she was, but once I got there it was really fun".

In our interview, Agron was wearing a pre-fall Dolce and Gabbana floral print chiffon and black lace dress. Her makeup was dramatic with a dark smokey eye and a neutral lip.

When the topic of style came up, Dianna was quick to describe her style as comfortably chic. "My style has really evolved, from my rebellious teenage years, to my butterfly clip phase, I've definitely made a few mistakes. Now, I've figured out what fits my body and what I really like." When we asked if she shared clothes with her former roommate, Lea Michele during Season 1 of 'Glee,' Dianna revealed it wasn't a perfect fit. "I'm pretty tall so no, I didn't really borrow clothes from Lea and vice versa. We had our unique style and they weren't always the same."

As Dianna continues to promote 'The Family' with the cast, she continues to WOW at the premieres. Click through the gallery above to see her world premiere look up close.

You can now see 'The Family' in theaters! Click here for movie times and reviews at Moviefone.com

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