Cute organizers to contain bathroom clutter

Cute bathroom organizers
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Cute organizers to contain bathroom clutter

Magnetized, lidded containers make this yellow submarine one Beatles fans and neat freaks can get on board with.

Available at, $68.

Subtle stripes in chartreuse and gray complement design-minded toothbrushes, soaps, and hand creams.

Available at, $6-$16.

Load this bamboo tray with primping essentials and suddenly Michelle Phan tutorials seem easier to follow.

Available at, $80.

A travel case becomes an everyday organizer when made from one of the Finnish fabric company’s eye-popping prints.

Available at, $69.

It’s time to play favorites: Eleven of your prettiest tubes get the Hollywood treatment with this vintage-inspired brass rack.

Available at, $38.

Mobilize your going-out routine with a four-level, wheeled cart topped with a magnifying mirror.

Available at, $179.

It doesn’t take a scientist to discover that brushes, liners, and lip pencils can be corralled into reflective, just-for-looks measuring cups.

Available at, $22-$52.

Abandon modern conventions for a prehistoric stegosaurus that carries tooth tools on its back.

Available at, $12.

The three-tiered, Italian-made tower hides zit creams, deodorants, and hair-removal devices behind an artful, minimalist facade.

Available at, $169.

A place for everything and everything in its place. That’s the mantra of this see-through sectional with room for both makeup and tools.

Available at, $26.

Toss your overflowing eyeshadow collection into a handwoven bin that is easy on the eyes.

Available at, $20.

Move compartmentalized drawer trays from kitchen to powder room to make cleaning up (foundation and lotion) spills a cinch.

Available at, $25.

The all-important Q-Tip stands ready for action with help from a cute and colorful bathroom buddy.

Available at, $37.

It’s easier to choose a nail polish color when you display the bottles in clear, neon-bottomed coffers.

Available at, $188-$288.

Swap hammers for hairbrushes and electric drills for blow-dryers to turn the gadget holder into a convenient bathroom caddy.

Available at, $60.

The next time you need to bandage a cut or pop a pill, you won’t have to fish the quick-fix out of a junk drawer or purse pocket.

Available at, $30.

With a section for brushes and another for bottles, the British designer’s bright case is the right size for a well-edited beauty collection.

Available at, $450.

Keep your counter tidy with makeup holders and storage caddies.

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