Crushing on Velvet

Crushing on Velvet
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Crushing on Velvet


You’ll be the lucky one in proud green.

Get the look: J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer, $178.

By: DailyCandy (Photo Credit: Chris Moore / Catwalking / Getty Images; Courtesy of J.Crew)


Play it demure in a dress suited for dinner with the grandparents.

Get the look: To Be Adored Black Helga Dress, $244.

By: DailyCandy (Photo Credit: Dominique Charriau / Getty Images; Courtesy of Bona Drag)


Life’s aquatic in a crushed velvet fishtail skirt. In deep blue, of course.

Get the look: With Hearts in My Eyes Maxiskirt, $130.

By: DailyCandy: (Photo Credit: Chris Moore / Catwalking / Getty Images; Courtesy of Bona Drag)


You’ll be as cool as midnight when draped in blue.

Get the look: Aidan Mattox Cocktail Dress, $240.

By: DailyCandy (Photo Credit: Venturelli / Getty Images for Gucci; Courtesy of Neiman Marcus)

Andrew Gn

Pair black velvet shorts with a bright pink top for sharp contrast.

Get the look: ASOS Shorts, $39.

By: DailyCandy (Photo Credit: Victor Boyko / Getty Images; Courtesy of ASOS)


Every wardrobe needs a little red (velvet) dress.

Get the look: Topshop Burgundy Playsuit, $90.

By: DailyCandy (Photo Credit: Nathalie Lagneau / Catwalking / Getty Images; Courtesy of Topshop)


Three words: zou bisou bisou.

Get the look: Black lace bell-sleeve dress, $73.

By: DailyCandy (Photo Credit: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho / Getty Images; Courtesy of Pixie Market)


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