Could New York Fashion Week Get Kicked Out of Lincoln Center?

It seems we're not the only ones who get a little frustrated with the fashion week circus at Lincoln Center.
Local residents and environmental groups have filed suit against New York City and Lincoln Center, demanding they give fashion week, and other commercial events, the boot, the New York Times is reporting.
The suit alleges that public access to Damrosch Park, the park at Lincoln Center, is limited for up to 10 months each year because of commercial events, starting with fashion week in mid-August, then The Big Apple Circus, which stays put mid-October through January, and then another fashion week in February. The park is also rented out for private events and fundraisers. Residents have actually been pissed about this for a while–and now they're taking action.
The suit argues that the $32 million generated from the city's July 2010 license agreement with Lincoln Center is not going where it should–back into the city–but is instead being diverted to Lincoln Center.
"These actions constitute an illegal alienation of Damrosch Park in violation of the New York State Public Trust Doctrine and other laws," said NYC Park Advocates, a nonprofit watchdog group, in a release.
So will fashion week, which moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center in 2010, have to relocate again? Don't be so sure.
"The city is awaiting formal service of the suit and will review it carefully," said Kate O'Brien Ahlers, a spokeswoman for the New York City Law Department. "Fashion Week is an important part of the city's cultural and economic fabric, generating $865 million each year while also creating fashion-related jobs."

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