Common Beauty Mistakes Made on Vacation

Common Beauty Mistakes Made on Vacation
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Common Beauty Mistakes Made on Vacation
Salt and Chlorine aren't great for your hair, and when you jump in the ocean or pool with dry hair, it makes the effect they have on your locks intensified.
If you soak your hair with fresh water before diving in, it'll help build a barrier against salt and chlorine, making it harder for them to penetrate your strands.
It's tempting to have lots of cocktails on vacation, and please - let loose! But don't underestimate the power of the sun + alcohol's ability to dehydrate you.
This is a key tip for any night out, but especially when you're in the sun, take care to drink enough water.  Good practice is having one glass between each cocktail to keep yourself hydrated (and sober!).
Don't think that lathering yourself in the morning is enough to last you all day.
First of all, use SPF 15 or above for your entire body. And apply multiple times throughout the day, including every time you get out of the ocean or pool.
Waxing too late - as in right before you leave - won't give your skin time to recover before being exposed to the harsh UV rays of vacation sun.
Get your wax done at least a week in advance so that your skin will be prepped and ready to go! One less worry for you.
When you're on the beach, the last thing you need is mascara running down your face.  Also, breakouts will increase: mixing sweat with makeup is no good.
You're on the beach, so who cares about makeup, right? If you absolutely want a little, go for a tinted moisturizer (with SPF!) and some waterproof mascara.
A carry-on can prevent you from being able to bring your bottle of face wash, but don't let that stop you from taking care of your skin.
These are perfect for the vacation face wash, because they don't have any liquid to make them an issue in your carry-on!
Don't bring your large eyeshadow palette and every shade of lipstick you own - you'll just be wasting space in your suitcase!
When you're on vacation, all you really need is foundation (or a tinted moisturizer), powder, eyeliner, mascara, and a blush or lip tint.
Don't skimp on your skincare routine: toner is important because it shows you when you haven't sufficiently cleaned your face.  We tend to have dirtier skin on vacation, so make sure to be particular with your skincare.
Put these products into smaller bottles so that you can be sure you have the right one with you (and don't have to buy a new one at the drugstore just for the size).
Don't let yourself fall into the mindset that what you eat doesn't  matter on vacation.
Of course, you're allowed to indulge a bit.  Just try to keep those treats with your normal diet of healthy foods.  You don't want to send your body veering off course from a healthy diet.
Sometimes you're a stickler about sunscreen, but you just forget that one last part: your poor head.
When you're on the beach, wear your hair up (that's why we have hair, to protect our scalp!), or try some cute hats.  The wide-brimmed beachy hat doesn't just protect your head, but your eyes and face, too!

Don't waste your products, or your time! When you're on vacation, your hair more often than not does its own thing.  Plus, getting in and out of the ocean will just wash the product away anyway.

If you want beachy waves, the salt water will literally do it for you! Embrace the natural wave of your lovely locks, and let your hair down.  It is vacation after all.

When you go on vacation, you might think that the only thing to worry about is what time the breakfast buffet ends and which days you're taking scuba diving lessons.

But in order to keep your worries down when you get home, don't let yourself make these common beauty mistakes.

Lots of women let their skincare regimens fall to the wayside ("well, it's only a week...") because they aren't able to bring all of their big bottles of product in a carry-on, but there's a simple solution! Transfer some of your favorite products into smaller bottles.

Also, make sure you don't go overboard with makeup on vacation - it's a time to relax and just be yourself. Click through the gallery above to see many more mistakes women make, and the solutions to avoid them!
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