Common Beauty Mistakes Made on a First Date

Beauty Mistakes Made on a First Date
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Common Beauty Mistakes Made on a First Date

1.  Using a Dull Razor to Shave

It's all about the date prep: so be sure to use a fresh (ideally, a few days to a week in of using your razor so you don't nick yourself with a brand new blade!) razor when you're getting ready before that first date, so that you don't end up missing spots.  A newer blade will also help you shave closer, to keep those gams gorgeous longer!

2. Going Too Far with Makeup

Some women get so nervous about a first date that they take their makeup to an extreme.  Don't put so much eyeliner and blush on that you start to look like a clown -- the key is to let your natural beauty shine, and he'll fall head over heels.

3. Crazy or Pointy Nails

Don't misunderstand us, we love a fun mani.  But when you're going on a first date, it might be best to stick to one color (even if it's neon green!) and please, keep them short. Long, pointy nails in any color are just scary, especially as a first impression.

4. Stiff Hair

We all want our hair to hold that curl, but be careful how much product you use.  It's not cute to have crunchy, super stiff hair.  You want your date to want to touch your hair! And he won't want to do so if it looks unable to move.

5. Over-the-Top Eyelashes

It's true, your eyelashes are key to completing any look, but don't go over the top.  When you have such big lashes that they're a distraction, or look like spider legs, it'll have the opposite effect: his attraction to you will diminish, greatly.  You want him to see your beauty enhanced, not only be able to wonder where those lashes came from.

6. Caked on Makeup

It's not an appealing look when your date can tell how much makeup you're wearing.  So be careful with your foundation and powder -- too much won't only make you look fake, but will age you. Not ideal for a first date! Also, be sure you have the exact right shade for you.  Bright sunlight is the ideal lighting to make this choice.

7. Hair Decorations

You may love your collection of headbands, and that's great! But be wary of what you wear on that first date.  Try to keep the look simple, and again, don't wear something so flashy that it'll distract from what you want him to be focused on: you.

8. Too Much Gloss or Bright Lipstick

Gloss and bright lipsticks are both repeat offenders on dates: and though they may make him look at your lips (good!) they may also keep him from kissing you goodnight (oh no!). The thing is, ladies, he doesn't really want red lipstick all over his own lips, nor is he enticed by your sticky lip gloss.  Try a nice lip balm instead of gloss, and if you want color, choose a stain that won't rub off on his face!

9. Fragrance Overload

Pick a scent you know and love, and take it easy.  You may be used to it, so tend to spray more of it, but then you'll run the risk of spraying too much. Keep it simple and dab it on a few of your pulse points.

10. Plucking and Waxing Too Late

Give yourself at least a few days before that first date when you're planning to pluck or wax your upper lip or eyebrows.  It's never a good look to have red, irritated skin -- or unsightly ingrown hairs! So avoid -- at all costs -- plucking or waxing right before the date.

11. Over-Bronzed

Everyone wants to look their best on a first date, but using too much self-tanner or bronzer is not the way to go.  No matter what time of year it is, keep your glow natural and subtle, not over the top.  Plus, you risk the dark powder or lotion rubbing off on your clothes (or his!) -- yuck.


First dates are nerveracking, whether it's the first first date, or the 45th.

As you're getting ready to go out with that hunky guy you met last weekend, you may be so nervous that you over think, well, everything. There's some common beauty mistakes that lots of women make -- from wearing too much makeup to overloading on the fragrance -- that are sure to turn your date off.

Stick to these tips to avoid 11 beauty mistakes you might be making on that first date, and keep him coming back for more! The important thing is to keep the focus on you, and how incredible, smart, and funny you are. (Oh, and looking gorg doesn't hurt either!)

So use your makeup to emphasize you best features, not replace them (a.k.a. fake eyelashes) -- and don't let too much gloss keep him from giving you that goodnight kiss.

Click through the gallery above to see what mistakes you might be making, and need to avoid!

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