The funniest, creepiest and coolest fan costumes at Comic Con 2014

Comic Con 2014
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The funniest, creepiest and coolest fan costumes at Comic Con 2014

Our guess: The Joker... female version?

Our verdict: Loving the black and red tights. Rock it, girl.

Our guess: No clue, but that stick is terrifying.

Our verdict: This outfit feels all over the place... like something could go wrong really quickly.

Our guess: I mean it looks like a mix between a Transformer and those white Stormtroopers from Star Wars...?

Our verdict: How can you possibly walk in that thing?

Our guess: Stormtrooper!

Our verdict: She looks cute AND comfortable. You go girl!

Our guess: Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland, of course.

Our verdict: This one is pretty legit. Creepy, yes, but we're impressed by your makeup, Mad Hatter.

Our guess: Boromir from Lord of the Rings?

Our verdict: Sweet wig. And we're guessing that beard isn't real...

Our guess: Spiderman and ... Flash?

Our verdict: To be fair, Spiderman really does look like Tobey Maguire. We don't really feel like they're all in, though (Spidey would so NOT wear Vans).

Our guess: Really not sure...

Our verdict: ... but this is precious.

Our guess: Someone who has black horns for hair.

Our verdict: Don't even want to know how long it took to lace up those boots.

Our guess: Um, a Halloween costume version of "sexy Batman."

Our verdict: It's not Halloween.

Our guess: Wolverine in his boxing days...?

Our verdict: Excuse us is that a real knife??

Our guess: A really scary clown.

Our verdict: You will never win us over if you wear masks.

Our guess: Hello Kitty.

Our verdict: Mmm... no, sorry. We just feel like Hello Kitty outfits are for 10 year-olds. 

Our guess: Anna and Kristoff from Frozen?!

Our verdict: Wait, did Kristoff have a sword? Is that a bomb in Anna's hand?


Comic Con 2014 kicked off on Thursday July 24th, and long before the stars take to the red carpet, the fans are bound to catch your eye. These aren't your standard, run-of-the-mill fans... these are superfans. And they come to Comic Con dressed to the nines in some of the funniest, coolest and weirdest costumes we've ever seen.

We might not be quite on their level here at StyleList HQ (but hey, this editor loves her some Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones), but you have to appreciate the level of effort -- and often execution! -- that goes into these looks. It's all in the details, and definitely in the hair and makeup.

Like we said, we're not quite as "in the know" as these fans... so we decided to guess what people were wearing, and (obviously) give you our verdict on the costume. Click through the gallery above to see the craziest fan ensembles at Comic Con 2014 so far, and what we think of them.
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