The color you're wearing: what does it say about you?

The Color You're Wearing: What Does it Say About You?
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The color you're wearing: what does it say about you?

Red, as a color, is powerful and strong.  It proves that you're not afraid to stand out and get attention. It may suggest that you're impulsive and ambitious, but could also suggets that your desire to be the center of attention keeps you from being a team player.  As you probably already know, it's the color associated with desire and studies have shown that it not only makes others more attracted to you, but makes you feel more attractive while wearing it.

When to wear: Amp up the passion with someone you love! But be weary of a first date or an important meeting at work.

Dress: Madewell; Flats: Topshop; Shorts: H&M; Scarf: J.Crew; Nail Polish: Essie

White is a positive color, suggesting the individual is well balanced.  But the color also runs the risk of washing you out, and may influence others' opinions of your level of attractiveness.  It is the color of innocence and virginity, and depending on the silhouette you choose, will give off just that air.

When to wear: Your wedding (duh!) - and whenever you want your innocent side to emerge.

Booties: Anthropologie; Bikini Top: Topshop; Bikini Bottom: Topshop; Shorts: H&M; Top: Club Monaco; Necklace: J.Crew

Yellow is the color of fun! It suggests that the individual is interesting, active, and lively.  You come across as a modern and happy person.  It's worth wearing for a pick-me-up, and can boost your mood.  If you wear just enough, it can give you clarity and wisdom, but too much can make you frustrated.

When to wear: On a dreary winter day for a mood boost - for you and those around you!

Flats: Madewell; Top: Anthropologie; Dress: H&M; Bag: H&M; Scarf: Gap

Violet suggests you are sensitive and compassionate, while a deeper purple shows you're intuitive and have deep feelings.  Those often in purple tend to want the best out of life, and exude confidence. Wearing this color can boost your creativity and deepen your thinking process.

When to wear: Working on a big project for work or school where you need that one genius idea.

Necklace: Anthropologie; Dress: Topshop; Top: J.Crew; Nail Polish: Butter London; Pants: Gap

Pink gives off an affectionate, loving air.  It implies that the wearer is sympathetic and understanding, though it may also show some vulnerability.  For men, it takes a certain level of confidence to wear pink, and that confidence will generally be appreciated by those around you.

When to wear: To meet your boyfriend's parents.

Bracelet: Anthropologie; Top: Zara; Bag: J.Crew; Shorts: Forever 21; Scarf: Club Monaco

Blue is generally acknowledged as the color of success. As it is the color of the sky and water, it's associated with loyalty and authority.  It helps you to think creatively, and shows others that you are trustworthy.  Navy blue is a commanding color, as it's both friendly and powerful.

When to wear: To ace that job interview for the position you're just dying to have.

Dress: Madewell; Scarf: Anthropologie; Top: H&M; Bag: J.Crew; Necklace: J.Crew

Colors are a form of energy, and green's energy tends to be cautious and peaceful.  It's a powerful, yet complex color.  It can increase your feelings of positivity if worn correctly, but if not, it might be associated with sickness.  Green is loved because it represents nature, and this is generally soothing and refreshing.

When to wear: If you're stressed out at work and just need a feeling of calm.

Bag: Madewell; Top: Urban Outfitters; Dress: Topshop; Sunglasses: H&M; Skirt: J.Crew

Orange is a bold color, but it's also optimistic.  It tends to motivate and energize, and may suggest spontaneity. Wearing it often also suggests that you are competent and independent, though that you may be impatient.

When to wear: As a team leader or when working with kids, such as a camp counselor.

Shorts: Forever 21; Blazer: Topshop; Bag: Zara; Dress: H&M; Watch: Anthropologie

Many women love black because it's a slimming color and "it goes with everything," but it's important not to use black as a cloak.  It is the color of mourning, but it is also known as the color of renunciation.  When wearing, a person comes across as strong-willed and disciplined, but may also seem too independent and inflexible.

When to wear: If you're trying to make a statement, whether standing up for something, or putting your foot down.

Belt: Madewell; Dress: Urban Outfitters; Bag: Topshop; Heels: Zara; Skirt: Zara


When it comes to a job interview or a first date, we've all obsessed over what to wear. But did you realize that by wearing certain colors, you give off a particular impression?

It is also true that the color you are wearing influences your mood -- can boost confidence, make you feel sexy, or add some excitement to a drab day. If you have a favorite color, or one that fills the majority of your closet, find out what it's saying about you here. We did some research, and it was seriously interesting to see how people's perceptions (of others as well as themselves!) vary simply because of a hue.

Click through the gallery above to see what your favorite color says about you, and when you should wear it!

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