Cinema Style: The Best Movie-Inspired Swimsuits

Movie-Inspired Swimsuits
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Cinema Style: The Best Movie-Inspired Swimsuits
KARLA COLLETTO Ruched Metallic Swimsuit $317

LACOSTE Knotted Bikini Top $55

LACOSTE Knotted Bikini Bottom $55

FAUSTO PUGLISI Leotard Vest $275
BILLABONG Harper Triangle Top $36
PATAGONIA Solid Paries Bottom $39
Best Swimsuits for Summer- Take a little inspiration from the silver screen with these movie-inspired celebrity swimsuits.

You may not remember what James Bond film you were watching or which Bond girl it was but you surely remember that two-piece bikini on the girl walking out of the ocean with a conch shell. (It was Dr. No and the blonde was Ursula Andress.)

Just as there are iconic movies, there are also memorable fashion moments in them. For example, a pair of ruby slippers reminds you of? Well, of course, The Wizard of Oz. And a pair of Ray-Bans? Risky Business. (see more movie-inspired sunglasses here.)

So with swimsuit season fast-approaching (this is your one-month to Memorial Day warning), let's look to our favorite films for a little celebrity swimsuit inspiration. From Phoebe Cates' red string bikini (that she famously removes) in Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Kate Bosworth's miss-matched surfer style in Blue Crush, we rounded up the best swimsuits in cinema history. And while Baywatch may not have made it past the small screen, it felt wrong not to include it here. Because when it comes to swimsuits, there's nothing more iconic than those red lifeguard one-pieces.

So as you start looking for a swimsuit, take a break from the runway trends and steal a little inspiration instead from some of our favorite films. Scroll through to shop the best swimsuits inspired by iconic swimwear moments in movie history.

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