Cher's Style Transformation

Cher's Style Transformation
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Cher's Style Transformation
Is that a Komondor draped on Cher's lap (see: dogs that look like a mop) or just a way over-the-top fur coat?
Sonny and Cher perform in all white on the "Carol Burnett Show."
Sonny wears a fur vest and matching boots, while Cher went for stripes from head-to-toe.
Cher's outfit is perfectly '60s, with a floral jumpsuit complete with bellbottoms. 
Sonny and Cher pose for a portrait session at home, Cher dressed in firey red.
Cher wears brightly striped bellbottoms, for a portrait session in her home.
Cher is willing to bare her midriff in this matching crop top and pants.
Sonny and Cher in New York City, Cher wearing a casual tied button-up.
Cher attends the Grammy Awards with a large butterfly pin in her hair and bright purple eyeshadow.
Cher goes incognito as she and Chasity are out and about in New York City.
Cher looks like she ought to be at the Kentucky Derby with this oversized hat! But we applaud her for shielding her skin from the sun.
Cher wears an interesting headdress with this large fur coat.
Sheer and sparkling, Cher wears a beaded dress to the Academy Awards.
In a total departure from her usual style, Cher wears a miniskirt and sneakers and ... she's blonde.
Tame that mane! Cher dyes her hair purple, but if that isn't enough, spikes it up like a lion's mane.
Cher attends the Met's Costume Institute Gala Exhibition of "Costumes of Royal India," wearing a sheer top and way too much light makeup.  
Never one to shy away from a crazy outfit, Cher attended the 58th Annual Academy Awards in this risque dress and matching headdress.
We typically throw a blazer on over an outfit to dress it up a bit, but we're not sure it works when you have distressed jeans with hearts on them.
Cher's dress for the 60th Annual Academy Awards is a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen!
Well, at least this look is for a Halloween party.  Cher attends Bob Mackie's party for the holiday, dressed as Cleopatra.
Cher attends the "Mermaids" Beverly Hills Premiere in a slightly see-through lace minidress.
Cher is a red vixen in this sparkling number for the filming of "The Player."
Cher wears a long fur coat over a black ensemble for the 1997 Golden Globes.
The lady is definitely proud of her body, wearing another sheer dress to the Academy Awards with an interesting matching hat.
There's a lot of different fabrics and prints going on here for Cher at the 26th Annual American Music Awards.
Cher channels her '60s style when she goes back to blonde for the "Love Rocks" concert to honor U2's Bono.
Blonde works for Cher, but we're not so sure these pants do.
Cher attended the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in a dress that honestly resembled a trash bag! What she or her stylist were thinking is beyond us.
This dress is much better.  Attending the Golden Globes, Cher still keeps it interesting but wears a sleek silhouette.
Cher attends the 38th AFI Life Achievement Award honoring Mike Nichols in an intricately designed top with a maxi skirt.
Cher attends the Glamour Magazine 2010 Women of the Year Gala, keeping the rocker in her at the forefront with this leather jacket and pin.
Cher looks lovely in this black and gold dress, keeping her favorite accent (sheer) as a part of it with lace sleeves.
It's official, Cher has tried just about every hair color! She chose a vibrant red for the premiere of "Burlesque."
Back to black and a much more casual look, Cher attends the premiere of "Zookeeper."
We're loving this classic look: all black with a great coat and simple sleek hair.
Cher chooses a lace top with black pants and a blazer for AFI's Night at the Movies.

Cher is an American singer and actress whose career spans five decades, and is called the "Goddess of Pop." She's been wildly successful in all areas of the entertainment world that she's decided to tackle, and has never been afraid of a fashion risk.

Cher was first known for her music with husband Sonny, and the duo was known as "Sonny and Cher." Though the pair rose quickly to stardom, they also began to fall until they gained recognition through their television appearances. The first show, called "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour," brought them back into the spotlight.

Cher was always adventurous with her style, and became a fashion trendsetter thanks to her daring outfits. In the early '80s, she made her debut on Broadway and later her debut in film. She was nominated for best supporting actress for her first film, "Silkwood," and later awarded the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in "Moonstruck."

Cher, who turns 67 on May 20, 2013, is the only recording artist to have a #1 single on the Billboard charts for each of the last six decades. She is one of the best selling music artist of all time, and a force to be reckoned with.

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