Celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills talks fall makeup, Ariana Grande, and her new book

If you've ever watched Dancing With The Stars or iCarly and marveled at the star's looks, you can partially thank celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills for bringing out the best in the hit TV show stars' glows!

From developing her own makeup line, to writing her own comprehensive makeup book, to working on the set of some of televisions' top shows, Melanie Mills has risen to the top of her field thanks to her gorgeous creations and hard work.

We sat down with Melanie to talk about fall makeup trends, what it's like to work with pop sensation Ariana Grande, and her new makeup book "Glitter and Glam."

StyleList: What's your favorite thing about doing makeup for television?

Melanie Mills: I love the magic! I love the energy of a show and all the talent! I love being an important piece to a very large puzzle. The relationships that are made with the actors are priceless! Then to later see your work on the screen is just so cool!

SL: You've worked with some huge young celebrities like Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande-and now you hear Grande on the radio almost 24/7! Are you still in touch with the two Nickelodeon stars now that they've moved onto Sam and Cat?

MM: We are definitely in touch and I am currently working on Sam and Cat and doing the rest of the cast. They are both featured in my makeup bookGlitter & Glam in two totally different looks. They were so sweet to come and play with me, especially with the busy schedules they both have. I feel like a proud big sister to both of them. They are such hard workers and so talented. Hearing Ariana on the radio all the time is awesome!

SL: How should women shift their makeup looks from summer to fall?

MM: Makeup is fun! I think summer naturally brings lighter lips, bronzes and browns. Fall can be flawless matte completions with a bright matte lip and arched eyebrow. My philosophy with makeup is its an accessory and can switch and flip all the time. Add to your look with your makeup style, play and have fun! I think a purple eye with a red lip is a gorgeous look, especially for Fall.

SL: What fall makeup trend are you most excited about?

MM: Bright lips! I am all about color, which you can see in my very own Gleam Lip Radiance collection. Featuring 7 shades of pigmented gloss packed with a pow of couture color range, Gleam Lip Radiance provides the perfect range of nudes, reds, purples, and pinks to transition to each season.

SL: Looking beautiful and radiant isn't just about wearing the perfect makeup--we all have to take care of our skin too! What are some of your favorite skincare products?

MM: Taking care of your skin is so key. Two of my top skin care lines are Murad and Skinceuticals! Murad has a product for every skin type and every age. I love the Vitamin C collection. Skinceuticals has great sunscreens! I love the serum CE Farulic and I love their moisturizer Emollicance.

SL: What products do you always have with you in your makeup bag?

MM: RCMA foundation pallete, mascara, Gleam Body Radiance in all shades, Gleam Lip Radiance in all shades, Urban Decay's naked palette, 6 makeup brushes, Whispie eyelashes, Clear Duo adhesive, MAC black track gel eyeliner, Nars blush in Gilda, Dolce & Gabbana foundation and last, but not least, the Beauty Blender.

SL: Tell us more about Gleam Radiant Dust coming out this Fall!

MM: It is a gorgeous luxe loose powder that mimics the 4 shades of Gleam Body Radiance, light-, rose-, bronze-, and deep gold. It is an everywhere powder to be used all over body and face. These shades can be used to give skin that extra pop and flawless finish. Can be used as eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlight or contour. Just like the Body Radiance, Radiant dust works for all skin tones. Radiant Dust is unique as it is rich but so light and silky feeling also Hydrating as it is infused with Jojoba Oil and aloe Vera. Truly different, unique and luxurious with the Gleam signature vanilla scent as well... dust it all over!

SL: What inspired you to culminate all of your amazing experience as a top makeup artist into a book, "Glitter & Glam"?

MM: When I was little I used to do everyone's makeup and dress up. I watched my nana, grandma and mom shop and get ready. I loved fashion, color, purses, shoes and jewelry. I was totally attracted to all things that glittered and gleamed. I loved watching MTV and then recreating the looks and throwing together photo shoots. I fell in love with the idea of a makeup book before I was even even a makeup artist. Kevin Aucoin lit the makeup fire within and when I got his book, I wished I could do a book like that someday. While working on Dancing with the Stars, I tossed around the idea of a photo shoot with Kim Johnson, Karina Smirnoff and Anna Trebunskaya - Alla Botecelli style - and they agreed. I had just met photographer David Alley and he loved the idea and was excited to be a part of the project. Then, we made it happen! I put a proposal together and bam almost four years later - here we are! A dream come true!

SL: What are some of your favorite makeup looks highlighted in "Glitter and Glam"?

MM: Oh man... This is tough as every look was such a labor of love! I love Ariana Grande as Cotton Candy Disco, Anna Trebunskaya as that original gilded goddess Brandy as Queen Nefertiti, Audrina as Racheal Welch, Liz Gillies in the color wheel section, Jeanette McCurdy as Vixen, and Avan Jogia as Mad Mad Hatter - then there is the faces of the world where I group 3 girls of a same ethnicity and do 3 looks on them. One of my faves from the series was the show stopper!
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