Candice Bergen's Style Transformation

Candice Bergen's Style Transformation
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Candice Bergen's Style Transformation
Model Frances Bergen singing with her young daughter Candice Bergen circa 1952. 
Candice Bergen, 19-year-old daughter of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen perches on her father's knee in a Los Angeles Superior Cout where she won Judicial approval August 12,1965 of a six-year contract with Columbia Pictures. 
Candice Bergen looking chic while walking through the airport with a polka dotted neck scarf.
Dressed in a chic brown coat with a fur collar, Candice is seen in the airport with Terry Melcher, son of Doris Day.
Candice Bergen during the filming of the movie 'The Hunting Party', in Spain wearing a long black skirt and a white sleeveless blouse.
Candice Bergen and Mike Nichols in a chic 70's caftan with embroidered sequin and jewels.
Candice Bergen during The 47th Annual Academy Awards wearing a chic black embroidered blazer and a neck scarf.
Candice Bergen and Rosalynn Carter chat at the Metropolitan Opera House after meeting of the National Women's Political Caucus. Candice is seen wearing a detailed vest with an oversized belt buckle.
Candice Bergen during "Rich and Famous" New York Premiere in a very see-through knit sweater.
Candice Bergen during "Hurlyburly" after party wearing an over-sized blazer and matching pants.
Mother and daughter Frances and Candice. Frances wears a black off-the-shoulder gown with lace accents and high split up one leg and Candice wears a long sleeved red dress.
Actress Candice Bergen and her former husband film director, Louis Malle arrive at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion for the 57th Academy Awards. Candice arrives wearing a gold grecian inspired gown.
Candice Bergen during "Au Revoir Les Enfants" Premiere wearing a black dress suit with an oversized belt and belt buckle.
Actress Candace Bergen wins the 1989 Best Actress-Comedy Series Emmy Award for her portrayal of "Murphy Brown." We love how she's just tired of those gold strappy heals!
Candice Bergen and Louis Malle during 35th Annual Genii Awards wearing an all yellow pant suit.
Candice Bergen during a play performance of "Brooklyn Laundry" wearing a white blouse with a floral collar and a purple sweater tied around her shoulder.
Candice Bergen during 49th Annual Golden Globe Awards in a sheer black dress with gold accents.
Actress Candice Bergen arrives at the 44th Annual Emmy Awards accompanied by director Barnet Kellman. Bergen went on to win the Best Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy. She's looking sexy in a tight black gown with a black turtleneck.
Candice Bergen during American Film Institute honoring Jack Nicholson is looking sleek in a white silk pantsuit.
Louis Malle and Candice Bergen during "Wolf" premiere wearing a black and white pantsuit with black loafers.
All smiles, Candice shows off her Emmy in a green dress suit with an intricate jeweled collar.
Candice Bergen during 49th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in all gold.
Candice Bergen during Film Society of Lincoln Center Honors in a gorgeous lavendar dress skirt with sheer top.

Candice poses with Sandra Bullock at the premiere of 'Miss Congeniality' in a white silk coat and a pair of black pants.

Candice Bergen during "Sweet Home Alabama" premiere in a gorgeous knit blazer and a pair of cropped black pants.
Candice Bergen attend The Museum of Television and Radio's annual gala wearing an all black outfit with sheer sequined sleeves.
Candice Bergen in a bright green coat with a white trim.
Candice is all smiles in a silver blazer with a white blouse underneath. Her hair is cut short around her shoulders and she is rocking a serious men's tie.
Candice Bergen during The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards wearing a stunning blue gown.
Candice Bergen, presenter during 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards shows off her rockin' body in a tight green skirt and a white blouse. She's even bringing back the oversized belt buckle.
Looking casual in a suede jacket and black pants, Candice looks great!
Actress Candice Bergen arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of "The Women" wearing a patterned blazer and a pair of black pants.
Actress Candice Bergen attends the 24th annual Guild Hall Academy of the Arts Lifetime Achievement awards wearing a popped collared white blouse and a floral coat.
Actress Candice Bergen and Marshall Rose arrive at the 38th Annual Lifetime Achievement Award wearing a somewhat unusual blue velvet ensemble.
Actress Candice Bergen attends the premiere of "The Artist" covered up in a black coat and a large red scarf.
Candice Bergen attends the 66th Annual Tony Awards in a patterned blue coat that gives our eyes quite an eyesore.

Candice Bergen is one of those American actresses that everyone loves not only for her approachable demeanor but also for her killer fashion sense.

Best known for her role in the sitcom Murphy Brown, Candice played a tough television reporter in a predominately male profession. Candice and her character tackled important matters including women's issues, alcoholism, and single motherhood. Her style on the show represented a key time for working women. Her pantsuits were emulated across the country while her chic blonde hairstyle began appearing in boardrooms from New York City to LA.

Since the beginning of her career, Candice chose to play strong women. After Murphy Brown, she appeared in several shows, one of which was Boston Legal where she played Shirley Schmidt, a founding partner in a law firm. This strength was reflected in her style on and off the screen. She carried a confidence about her that many women admired. Her style was traditional of the times: Shoulder pads in the 80's, oversized blue jeans in the 90's and now, she's casually elegant.

Candice, who turns 67-years-old today, has never looked better! Click through the gallery above to see some of her best looks.
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