Busting at the Seams!

Busting at the Seams!
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Busting at the Seams!

We love everything about Lady Gaga

Mayra Veronica

Beth Ditto should definitely embrace her curves, but as a rule of thumb, your Spanx shouldn

If Elizabeth Banks had gone a size up, maybe her zipper wouldn

Jessica Lowndes

Sofia Vergara

Nicki Minaj performs with Justin Bieber in extremely fitted leggings and a crop top.

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Sofia Vergara


With the belt loosened a notch and the shirt buttoned up a bit, this would be an adorable outfit on Christina Aguilera.

Though Kim Kardashian usually knows how to flaunt her curves, this minidress is too shiny, too short, and too small.


Khloe Kardashian

This skin-tight sequin mermaid gown has too much going on and does nothing for Kelly Clarkson

Christina Aguilera should have gone up a size in this silver bodycon dress that accentuates, rather than conceals, her lady lumps.

Josie Stevens

Nicki Minaj

Christina Hendricks is often the epitome of elegance, but this dress puts a little too much on display.

Even Ciara

Mariah Carey


From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving Dinner to holiday parties, this season it's hard not to indulge, which often means packing on a couple of extra pounds of holiday weight.

If you style yourself wisely, most people won't note the additional inches, but you can be sure that people will notice if you try to squeeze yourself into too-tight clothes.

These celebs have otherwise great bodies-we would kill for some of their curves!-but these fashion choices don't do them justice.

There's a difference between fitted and snug! View the gallery above for what not to wear styles that won't flatter your shape.

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