Breaking free of your fashion comfort zone

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Breaking free of your fashion comfort zone

Outfit details: J.Brand Auden top, Rag and Bone flare jeans, Tory Burch leather jacket, Ray-Ban aviator sunnies

Photo credit: M.A.S. Fashion

Photo credit: M.A.S. Fashion
Photo credit: M.A.S. Fashion

By M.A.S. Fashion

The other day I had someone ask me, "what is outside your comfort zone?" I really was taken aback. Have you been asked that? If so, were you able to answer it right away? I was not. I stumbled through the question throwing out different options but nothing felt really scary or outside my actual comfort zone. I think I even said I was scared to talk to strangers. Ummm, what?! If you know me, you know this is NOT something out of my comfort zone. After much thought I did come up with a few things that I really do not enjoy. One being writing and the other not feeling confident in what I am wearing.

Writing -- I know you are thinking, 'but you started a blog? Isn't that a part of the blog?'. I love fashion and getting to talk to and meet new people, so I thought the blog was my best avenue. It just so happens writing is a part of blogging. I really, really, get nervous to write. I know my grammar could use some brushing up (yes I use too many commas and terrible sentence structure), my sentences never form how I want them to, and I don't think what I have to say is as interesting in text. To be honest, writing is something I would rather not do. My major in college was journalism, so you would think I would be quite confident in this arena. Wrong. I did everything I could to only take broadcast classes and do the minimum writing classes as possible. I have mentioned on this blog before that talking fashion on TV is my ultimate dream, which involves personality, camera skills, and fashion knowledge – luckily very little writing. The best/worst thing about my writing is, I write the way I talk – perfect for broadcast, terrible for print. I will continue to write on the blog but with feet kicking and a nervous feeling every time I hit "publish."

Not feeling confident in what I am wearing...Fashion has always been important to me. I used to get dressed up to go grocery shopping when I was seven in a white tennis skirt, white sneakers, a white sweater, and a white bag – I wore monochromatic before monochromatic was cool! I, for the most part, consider myself quite confident so when the two things I pride myself on falter, I feel really uncomfortable. I always tell my friends no matter what you are wearing to, "rock it with confidence and you will look great." Since I usually feel most confident in my typical basic colors and basic pieces, I decided it was time to get outside my comfort zone and wear something totally different. So when I woke up one morning with pink on my mind, I knew that was going to be it! I put my sights on this beautiful J.Brand Auden top and hit purchase. I had a lot of fun shooting it and definitely felt different in something so bright.

To conclude this long-winded post about my terrible writing and taking comfort in the typical I must say, thinking about what is outside your comfort zone and trying to tackle it is quite scary, yet very rewarding. Since the question threw me off so much and I couldn't answer it right away, can you? Do you know what is outside your comfort zone?

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